They Call Us Channelers

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 •  Easy-to-understand overview of the Crimson Circle 
 •  Challenges of coming to Realization
 •  Where is the passion?
 •  What’s this lifetime really all about?
 •  Human, Master and I Am = Body of Consciousness
 •  Allowing the Master to be part of your life

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They Call Us Channelers
Kevin Moore interviews Geoff, Linda & Adamus

This presentation from Kevin Moore is an excellent introduction and overview of Crimson Circle history and teachings. Easy to understand, insightful and inspiring, it’s perfect to share with others who would like to know more about Crimson Circle, channeling, mastery and more! Geoffrey and Linda Hoppe share about their background as businesspeople who one day found themselves running a completely different sort of company, and their current relationship with the entities. Adamus talks about going beyond awakening into true mastery, some of the pitfalls encountered in the process, how to deal with challenges, the illusion of power, letting energy serve you, and much more. 

Kevin Moore ( started a talk show in 2008, interviewing the world's greatest philosophers, paranormal researchers, life coaches, and spiritual teachers. In January 2015 he opened up to his own intuitive abilities and started to channel multidimensional information. Kevin now provides a platform for his own psychic readings and those provided by other gifted people. is a Premier site for channeled news and information, bringing channelers together from around the world.

Watch the full interview below or CLICK HERE to watch on YouTube.


Format: Streaming on YouTube

Cost: $00

Featuring: Kevin Moore, Geoffrey & Linda Hoppe and Adamus Saint-Germain

Recorded at the Crimson Circle Connection Center, March 2018


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Very interesting!
. Amazing piece of kniwledge! Insight of CC and Linda + Geoffrey's opinions. Good to listen to and learn about the process of channeling. I'm so pleased to have watched it!
Review by Ascended S / (Posted on 12/17/2020)
I am glad , no words to express gratitude
- Excellent
Review by Ashwin / (Posted on 11/20/2019)
- Very impressive! Take the time and view it all. Adamus Channeling starts at 1:20:50, but listen to Linda and Geoffrey first for a brief history of the Crimson Circle.
Review by Jörg / (Posted on 10/25/2019)