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  •  The path to Realization holds a few surprises
  •  Secrets hidden deep beyond the human’s grasp
  •  The dragon comes to find them
  •  An unrelenting demon becomes your dearest friend
  •  St. Germain himself did not escape
  •  The final ruthless step before Realization

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At the doorway to Realization


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The journey of a new angel from first arrival on Earth until they finally emerge as a realized Master is very long and winding, filled with experiences, joys and heartaches along the way. Getting lost on Earth and forgetting oneself is the “fall from grace” for which so many religions try to offer redemption. For this, and for countless “mistakes” along the way, humans have accumulated layer upon layer of guilt and shame, most of which they are unaware. Shaumbra in particular carry a tremendous burden of guilt from the times of Atlantis, and many embarked on a spiritual path to find that inner forgiveness. However, every Ascended Master, without exception, has gone through the often brutal experience depicted in Threshold – facing what Adamus calls the dragon, the relentless inner challenge to uncover and release every guilt and shame still borne by the human. Without this liberation, one simply cannot go into Realization.

The thread that winds through Threshold is the true-life story of Margo, an Ascended Master who faced incredible darkness, pain and challenges on her way to Realization. Her journey is a metaphor for every Master’s trials as they release all that holds them back. The dragon of clarity appears, accompanying the soon-to-be Master on every step, until all is released. Adamus tells of his own brutal encounters with the dragon in his final months on Earth, as well as the challenges faced by Tobias and Kuthumi in their final times before Realization. The dragon guards the door to Realization, and then accompanies you through it the moment you are ready.

Note: The Sexual Energies School is a prerequisite for registering for the Threshold. Attendees must read and consent to the Integrity Agreement.


1. Why Threshold
Although it is the last thing anyone does before Realization, including every Ascended Master, this information is not being taught anywhere else. Threshold is the reason Adamus is working with Shaumbra, especially the “Founders,” and the dragon is a very important part. He says, “If you think you’ve already encountered the dragon, think again.”

2. The Journey Begins
Realization is remembering who you really are; why did you wait? Margo’s journey begins, a metaphor for your own; what’s your story?

3. Forgiveness
Guilt and shame are seductive, they keep you working on yourself instead of allowing. There is no karma because the energy is all your own. At the end of the path, Margo misunderstands a sign, and finally hears an all-important whisper.

4. Guilt
There is no guilt in the I Am, it is entirely human made, and Adamus talks about where it came from. There is a choice to be made: Are you ready to receive the unforgiving forgiveness?

5. Invitation
At the end of the road, there is one final thing to allow. Can you receive it? Are you worthy enough? If so, it comes into every single part of your reality. All you need to do is receive.

6. Fall from Grace
The guilt comes from nearly every point in your existence on Earth. You got trapped, the “fall from grace,” turned your back on your own energy, and now suffer the indignities of being human. There is a particular point of guilt for Shaumbra.

7. The Encounter
Reminding us it is important to feel the energy behind the words, Adamus tells the stories of Tobias, Kuthumi and then himself, and their painful encounters with the dragon.

8. Questions & Answers
Adamus answers listener questions about Threshold.

9. Taking Flight
This time for integration brings a profound and unforgettable journey with the dragon.

10. Your Light
Your own personal timing is absolutely perfect; a natural alignment is taking place on all levels, even your past and future lives. Margo’s story concludes; she is now at the Ascended Masters Club and part of every Threshold gathering. When the dragon has found everything, will you stay and share your light?

Cost: $595 (50% discount for previous attendees)

Prerequisite: Sexual Energies School

Featuring: Adamus Saint-Germain, and Geoffrey and Linda Hoppe

Recorded at the Crimson Circle Connection Center, June & August 2020

Access: 14 days access to the video and 90 days access to the text e-reader

Recurrence: Offered online twice yearly 

Refunds: No refunds on digital purchases


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