Time, Space & Measurement Systems


  • Time doesn’t exist, it’s only a belief system
  • Space is an illusion, you can change it
  • Open your beliefs, use new measurement tools
  • Release time and space to end the old patterns
  • The future is the past healed
  • Bless every experience, set yourself free

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Time, Space & Measurement Systems
Breaking Through the Illusions

Any measurement system is nothing more than a belief system held in place by mass consciousness. Time and space as we know them do not exist beyond the electromagnetic dynamics of Earth, and the implications of this are profound. Not only is outer space much different than we perceive, but our past is changeable, and our future potentials can be unlimited. When one gets off the linear track of time, initially created in Atlantis, everything begins to change. No longer bound to past lives through trauma, we can bless every experience with compassion, release the role of victim, and allow the integration of aspects, thereby experiencing true freedom.  

Tobias declares that “The future is the past healed” and explains exactly how this is possible. We embedded ourselves deeply into the confines of time and space in order to have a deep physical experience. However, these measurements systems are flexible and have changed throughout history, and Tobias gives practical examples of how to let this flexibility serve us in everyday life. He says that trying to measure the universe with these systems is like looking through a telescope from under water; it’s just not accurate. 

Tobias also talks about the creation of New Energy and how it is different from Old Energy, healing yourself with absolute compassion, allowing energy to serve you without obstruction, and un-creating the illusion in which we live. He then addresses questions read by Linda. 

“You live within an illusion, but you created it. Now you can un-create it in any way you choose.” ~ Tobias 

Length: 1:28:13

Format: Downloadable audio & text

Cost: $20

Featuring: Tobias, Linda Hoppe

Recorded in Reno, Nevada, August 2005


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