Time Travels

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Come along on this 10-day multi-dimensional Shaumbra experience in Egypt

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Time Travels
Shaumbra In Egypt 2009

This collection of channels was given during an unforgettable tour in February 2009 through some of Egypt’s most sacred sites. In these messages you will hear about when humans lived underground, who the Star People really are, the true role of the energy of Set and much more. You will be invited on a journey into the future, and experience an incredible message from Tobias given in the Great Pyramid at Giza.

Drs. Norma Delany and Garret Annofsky also offer two messages, including a channel from the energy of Isis.

These channels provide an unforgettable experience of remembrance and expansion, whether or not you have been to Egypt in this lifetime.

Track titles:

1.    Open and Safe (Tobias) 19:24
       The Sheraton Hotel, Cairo, Egypt
2.    Time Travelers (Ah-Kir-Rah) 12:16
       The Temple of Isis, Aswan, Egypt
3.    The Ancient Ones (Tobias) 65:32
       On the Nile near Aswan, Egypt
4.    Set and Illusion (Adamus Saint-Germain) 50:09
       On the Nile near Aswan, Egypt
5.    The Star People (Kuthumi lal Singh) 63:23
       On the Nile near Edfu, Egypt
6.    Into the Future (Ah-Kir-Rah) 45:56
       On the Nile near Luxor, Egypt
7.    Opening the Inner Tombs (Norma Delaney & Garret Annofsky) 23:50
       Oberoi Mena House, Cairo, Egypt
8.    Voice of Isis (Isis through Norma Delaney) 09:50
       Goudas Shop overlooking the Sphinx, Egypt
9.    The Sound of Silence (Tobias) 65:42
       The King's Chamber in the Great Pyramid, Giza, Egypt

• Digital download (includes audio recordings and PDF transcript)




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