Timeless - A Journey Beyond

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A Premium Cloud Class Offering


Journey Beyond the Dimension of Time


Adamus Saint Germain • Kammet, the Merlin of Avalon • Kuthumi lal Singh • The Beloved St. Germain

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This Cloud Class offers:

• Important new information about the nature of Time
• Adamus’ physics and “gravity” of Time
• How Time influences the mind, reality and beliefs
• A potential personal experience beyond Time
• The energy and connection with Kammet, the Merlin of Avalon

Come along on this amazing journey into and beyond Time. During a multidimensional sacred tour in Egypt in November 2014, every evening a profound channel was given with Adamus, Beloved St. Germain, Kuthumi or Kammet the Merlin. Although presented specifically for the group that was present, each message carries amazing implications that go far beyond a simple tour in Egypt.

Listen in as Adamus talks about time, how it holds reality in place, and how to go beyond it; Kuthumi speaks of the beautiful, sweet knowingness; St. Germain invites us to see ourselves in him; Merlin acknowledges the new Magi, and so much more. With the sounds of Egypt ever present in the background, the energy of the Masters so very close and Shaumbra consciousness permeating every moment, Timeless is an unforgettable and potentially life-changing experience.

This premium Cloud Class provides fundamental information and energy for understanding the nature of Time, and an experience of going beyond the limitations of Time. Egypt provided a wonderful backdrop for creating this class, but the real value is in the journey beyond Time itself.

Session overviews:

1 – The Gravity of Time (Adamus)

After welcoming the group, Adamus uses the Nile River as a symbol of our usual understanding of time, flowing from the past, through the present and into the future. Then he says that time is actually much more like a landscape – a timescape – where you can access individual points simultaneously. Stating that the I Am is truly timeless, Adamus goes on to say, “In order to experience the true I Am, it’s important that we have an understanding of time and ultimately allow ourselves to go beyond time.” After a detailed explanation of the origins of Time and a discussion of the tremendous gravity of Time, Adamus asks, “Do you give yourself permission to go beyond Time?
Length: 0:54:28

2 – Timelessness (Adamus)

Reminding us that time is what holds this reality together, Adamus says that the apparent chaos beyond time is actually not chaotic but rather has a certain rhythm and order. He states that in a timescape you are no longer worried about the past or the future. Instead you are in unlimited circular or spiral time that encompasses everything. Then he talks about simultaneously being within time and time traveling, and how it can be disconcerting and even frightening because it seems a little like death.

Adamus explains his own “quantum theory,” which is that all possibilities already exist; now it’s simply about which ones you choose to experience. Then, with gentle music playing in the background, he leads a poignant experience of grace, of how all things are possible beyond the linear river of time, and of feeling both time and timelessness, death and life, human and divine, all together within your own being.
Length: 1:01:29

3 – The Magi (Adamus & Merlin)

Before a short review, Adamus talks about the ancient ones who are finally leaving the temples and lands of Egypt, thus creating a void of creation where true change and a reemergence of consciousness can finally take place. Then Kammet, the Merlin of Avalon, comes in to speak to Shaumbra.

After sharing a brief history about himself and who he is, Merlin talks about the true meaning and definition of magic. Then he guides a deeply moving experience of realizing yourself as a Magi. In his smooth and gentle voice he declares, “Let the magi that is in you come forth.” It is a profound moment that will not soon be forgotten.
Length: 1:02:17

4 – Sweet Knowingness (Adamus & Kuthumi)

Adamus talks about the previous night’s “spontaneous ignition of enlightenment” with Merlin and reminds us of the perfect synchronicity always at play in the life of a Master. Then he talks about the importance of authenticity, of no more holding back, and how this magical life of synchronicity is what happens when you are truly authentic and genuine with yourself.

After a little breathing, Kuthumi comes in to speak about the extraordinary depth and richness of your memories when you revisit them beyond time. He talks about sweet knowingness, the ability to take an entire grand experience and bring it into one’s full being. Then he gently offers a gift, a packet of knowingness for you to receive and reveal in your own time, inviting you to bring it deeply within yourself, into your flesh and bones and thoughts.
Length: 1:11:30

5 – Behold Your Self (Adamus & St. Germain)

Adamus notes that, after being a place of struggle and pain for so long, something new is taking place on planet Earth. For a few humans (like the ones he is speaking to), Earth can now be a place of love, peace and enjoyment without all of the hardships and difficulties. Adamus says that this can happen because you are changing your rhythm, your “soul heartbeat.” Then he leads a merabh for easing the wobble and allowing the transition. After some more discussion, the energy shifts to bring in Beloved St. Germain for one of the most profound moments of the entire journey.

St. Germain talks of the freedom and limitlessness of consciousness, how it is whole and complete unto itself, fully at peace with itself. Then, sitting together with Shaumbra Magi in the golden light of the setting sun, St. Germain shares, from his beingness to you, the essence of enlightenment. He invites you to use him as a mirror in which to perceive your own beauty as a fully realized conscious being. In this tender and magnificent moment he says, “Behold the beauty of yourself in this mirror.
Length: 1:08:26

6 – Journey Through the Stars (Adamus & Merlin)

Adamus invites the listeners to feel again the knowingness, directly from your enlightened Self into you, saying, “If you put your consciousness there, then it is so.” Then he asks an interesting question to the audience – What is the difference between Adamus and St. Germain? – and goes on to give the answer and explain its importance. After a gentle merabh of integration, Merlin returns to address the Lords and Ladies.

First, Merlin fervently shares his desires for those who are listening – that you go beyond the mind, live long in the physical body, live in every type of abundance, leave behind the harsh, difficult life, know yourself better than anyone else knows you, communicate with the angels – and so much more. Then Merlin leads an incredible journey through the stars, through space and time, deep into no-time and into the rhythm of life itself. As the journey continues you may feel your point of consciousness in multiple realities, in the “past” as well as the “future,” all occurring simultaneously.
Length: 1:04:05

7 – The Mothership (Adamus)

After a few minutes of toning and some hearty greetings to Egypt, Adamus gives a short recap of the messages, and then asks a very interesting question – a question that each listener must answer for themselves. Then he offers a delightful metaphor, saying, “The mothership has landed.” It’s an insightful explanation of what each one of us is doing on this journey back to Self. Finally, Adamus guides a merabh to bring it all together – time and timelessness, consciousness and knowingness – all flowing together within you.
Length: It doesn’t matter; you’re beyond Time   

• All sessions were recorded on the open air sun deck on the Movenpick M/S Royal Lily Nile cruiser. Some evenings we were sailing along the Nile River, while other evenings we were docked in Luxor, Aswan, Kena or Edfu. The sessions were held after a long day of visiting temples, usually right at sunset. The recordings have not been edited or altered in any way. You’ll hear the sounds of the local town, the mosque prayers, the wind and other natural noises. To see photos from the Timeless on the Nile tour please visit the Shaumbra Photo Album.

To watch the video from the tour please click here

Cost: $250

Total time: 7 hours, 16 minutes



This premium Cloud Class is made possible by the 67 hearty Shaumbra that participated in the Timeless on the Nile tour in November 2014. They came from 19 countries around the world to help create this experience for themselves, and so that others could share in the experience later on. Our thanks and gratitude to each and every one of you.

This information is probably not for you unless you take full responsibility for your life and creations.

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