Timeless - A Journey into Consciousness

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 •  The gravity of Time keeps you in this reality
 •  To understand the I Am, go beyond Time
 •  Going timeless is the death of death
 •  Everything is within; where’s your awareness?
 •  Magic is multiple, many occurring at once
 •  To be in sync, be authentic and genuine with yourself


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A Journey into Consciousness
Egypt tour - November 2014

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Time is the glue that holds reality together, its gravity attracting energies and particles into manifestation here on Earth. However, going beyond Time into No Time opens up magic, synchronicity, knowingness and the death of death itself. The state of timelessness was known in ancient Egypt, taught by Yeshua (Jesus), and practiced in Avalon by Merlin. In timelessness you become in sync with yourself, experience your true multidimensional nature, and realize that everything is within.

Rather than seeing Time as a river flowing through your reality, Adamus invites you to perceive it as a Timescape where every potential is available simultaneously. Echoing Yeshua’s words that the kingdom of heaven is within, Adamus states that every potential already exists within you, pre-created and simply waiting for your awareness. 

Merlin defines magic as “many occurring at once” – Time and No Time, human and divine, physical body and light body – all together at the same time. The magic is already within and can now be experienced as you allow the magi to step forth. Kuthumi invites you to experience sweet knowingness, coming in all at once and revealing itself in the perfect moment. Beloved St. Germain speaks of the attributes of consciousness and reminds of his very personal commitment to be with you every step of the way, continually reflecting your magnificence back to you.

CLICK HERE for video from the Sacred Tour in Egypt


1. The Gravity of Time – Adamus (51:03)
Adamus announces that this sacred tour is about going beyond Time. He says that Time holds this reality together, and to understand your true multidimensional nature, you must give yourself permission to go beyond Time. 

2. Everything is Within – Adamus (1:01:29)
Rather being like a river, consider Time as a landscape – a Timescape – where everything is simultaneous, and everything is within. When you transcend Time there is no death, and you will never fear it again. Adamus offers a merabh to experience how everything is within. 

3. Magic – Adamus, Merlin (1:02:17)
You, the ancient ones from the past, come to meet you here and now for integration. Merlin, the Storyteller, has kept the magic alive, defining magic as “many occurring at once,” and offers a merabh for the return of the Magi. 

4. Sweet Knowingness – Adamus, Kuthumi (1:07:19)
It’s time to be authentic, genuine with yourself, which allows you to be in sync with yourself and experience a beautiful timing with everything in life. Kuthumi talks about time traveling and  invites you into a deep experience of sweet knowingness. 

5. Every Step of the Way – Adamus, Beloved St. Germain (1:07:55)
Life on Earth wasn’t designed to be easy, but that’s changing. This planet is becoming a paradise of sensual pleasure, learning and growth. St. Germain, honoring his pledge to be with you every step of the way, now reflects your beauty and magnificence as the magi. 

6. Journey Beyond the Stars – Adamus, Merlin (1:03:44)
Your life is not days, months and years; it is experiences, sensations and discoveries. Merlin shares his deep and beautiful desires for you, then guides a soaring journey to the stars, through the Milky Way, beyond linear Time and into consciousness. 

7. Realization – Adamus (53:48)
You came to Earth to experience Time, but now you can be in Time and out of Time by choice. The soul is like a mothership, sending countless little space pods to Earth for experience and, finally, integration. When consciousness is brought to knowingness, realization happens. 

Format: Downloadable audio (mp3) and text (pdf)

Cost: $95

Featuring: Adamus, Beloved St. Germain, Kammet the Merlin, and Kuthumi

Recorded in Egypt, November 2014

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A hidden treasure from back 2014 to fully enjoy right now. Very updated with all we are doing now!
The trip to Egipt we went on in 2010, besides memorable, was a beautiful recollection of memories and old aspects, some very raw, some very sweet, some quite spooky, from ancient lifetimes in those lands. I fully understand now the painful cleaning we previously went through, to allow this incredible Timeless to be clearly a big step forward in our common path. Those channels are amazing, so updated, that we could say they were done just yesterday. A most helpful review for everybody, especially for Kehakers. Thank you, CC, for allowing us to dive in fully, in this wonderful hidden ‘spotlight’. Don’t miss it!
Review by P.M.E. / (Posted on 4/27/2021)