Tobias Returns to Israel

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"Hear our words, oh Israel..." Feel the incredible energy as Tobias returns to his homeland


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Tobias Returns to Israel
Haifa, Israel
March 24-27, 2004

Tobias spent many other lifetimes in the areas now known as Israel, Syria, Jordan, and Iraq. In his last lifetime on Earth shortly before the time of Yeshua (Jesus) Tobias lived in the area of the Sea of Galilee under the name of Agos. Tobias, now channeled through Geoffrey Hoppe, returned to Israel in March 2004 to tour the Holy Land and speak at a Crimson Circle gathering in Haifa. Tobias's message is meant for Shaumbra, for Israel and for humanity. In these four live channels, Tobias talks about the history of the Jews (he refers to them as the Hapiru), the coming events in the Middle East, and the need for a new God on Earth.

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