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Winds of the Anasazi

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 •  The Awakening is on
 •  The Ancient Ones, the Anasazi are free to go
 •  We are now the Dream Makers
 •  The Four Corners area is unique and special
 •  Anasazi held the energy there for a very long time
 •  Dance with them now in celebration and release


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Winds of the Anasazi
The New Dream Makers are Here

The Ancient Ones, sometimes called the Anasazi or what Tobias calls the Dream Makers, comprised an ancient Native American culture that occupied the Four Corners region of the USA where the state boundary lines of Utah, Arizona, New Mexico, and Colorado converge. The Anasazi lived in that area for centuries and then, within a single generation, they were gone. According to Tobias, they were guardians of this sacred area and played a large role in grounding and holding the energies of awakening for future humanity. He states that because people are now waking up and consciousness is expanding, the Ancient Ones are now released from their energetic obligation. We are here to take their place and support humanity by going through our own integration. This profound message climaxed in a dramatic interdimensional dance of celebration. 

In early June 2003 about 40 Shaumbra gathered for an “afternoon with Tobias” at a private home near Santa Fe, New Mexico, USA. It was a memorable afternoon as Tobias eagerly came in to share an unforgettable message. Speaking of the unique spiritual, geological, and weather-related attributes of the area, Tobias stated that the spirits of the Anasazi people were very present as he spoke. Now that their time of service was over, he said that the Ancient Ones wished to come in very close for a final dance of celebration and farewell. 

As Tobias and the audience sat in silence, an incredible storm burst forth from what had been a clear blue sky. Torrential rains poured down and the wind began to blow in joyful fury. Then this remarkable dance of celebration came indoors, with the wind blowing inside the building, tossing papers and items around the room where Shaumbra sat, engulfed in a literal whirlwind of celebration! When the wind finally faded away Tobias spoke again, thanking both the Anasazi and Shaumbra for this profound shift of Awakening on Planet Earth. 

Note: This event began on a beautiful and clear day. But as Tobias spoke, storm clouds gathered, rain began to pour, and thunder can occasionally be heard. Due to the high level of wind noise that overpowered the recording equipment, the digital playback is somewhat distorted during the Anasazi farewell dance. 

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Session 1 – 36:49

Session 2 – 51:47 

Format: Downloadable audio (mp3) and text (pdf) 

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Featuring: Tobias 

Recorded in Santa Fe, New Mexico, June 2003



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