Winds of the Anasazi

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Winds of the Anasazi

In early June 2003 about 40 Shaumbra gathered for an “afternoon with Tobias” at a private home near Santa Fe, New Mexico. After the preliminary discussions, Tobias eagerly came in to share an incredible energy and message.

He spoke of the unique attributes of the area, including spiritual, geological and weather related energies, and then talked about the “guardians” of this sacred area, now known as the Anasazi. Tobias talked about the role the Anasazi had played in grounding and then holding the energies of Awakening for humanity. Then he declared that because of the work Shaumbra are now doing to assist awakening consciousness, the Anasazi were at last released from their ages-old commitment.

Then Tobias said that the spirits of the Anasazi people were present and wished to come in very close for a dance of celebration and farewell. As Tobias and the audience sat in silence, an incredible storm burst forth from what had earlier been a clear blue sky. Torrential rains poured down and the wind began to blow in joyful fury. This remarkable dance of jubilation then came indoors, with the wind blowing inside the building, tossing papers and items around the room where Shaumbra sat, engulfed in a literal whirlwind of celebration.

As the wind finally faded away Tobias spoke again, thanking both the Anasazi and Shaumbra for this profound shift of Awakening on Planet Earth.

The channel is followed by a Q&A session.

Note: Due to the high level of wind noise that overpowered the recorder, the digital recording is somewhat distorted during the Anasazi farewell dance.

This is an unforgettable message that we are proud to re-release in response to Adamus’ mention of the Anasazi during the July 2011 Shoud.

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