Wound of Isis

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Wound of Isis

This extraordinary series took place during five separate events over eighteen months of time in three different geographical areas. Beginning with Shoud 4 of the New Energy Series, Tobias unfolds the story and energy of the deep and ancient “Wound of Isis” or the trauma experienced by the feminine energy. Just seven days later was the Harmonic Concordance on November 8, 2003, a significant event in both human and celestial realms that helped begin the healing of the wounds of Isis and Chiron.

Three months later, in February 2004 during a You Are God Also workshop in Mexico City, Tobias began to gently address some of the deep wounds that have been held in the land of Mexico and in the overall feminine energy.

In May of the same year, during a special event in the Bahamas, Tobias speaks for the first time of Azura Timu and the devastating events that led to the fall of Atlantis. These profound traumas are etched deeply into the human psyche and are now coming up for resolution on a global scale.

Finally, in February 2005, this incredible series culminates in an intense Embodiment workshop. Assisted by Archangel Amael, the Angel of Hope, Tobias opens up the subjects of aspect integration, energy stealing and sexual abuse, setting the stage for what has become his Aspectology and Sexual Energy Schools.

Session information

1 – When the Divine Plan Meets the Human PlanShoud 4, New Energy Series
November 1, 2003
Coal Creek Canyon, Colorado, USA

Assisted by Raphael, the Archangel of Fear, Tobias speaks of the energies of the soon-to-come Harmonic Concordance. He explains the symbolism of the Star of David, how it represents the wounded and separated energies of masculine and feminine, and how the diamond shape represents the healing and reunion of these energies. Tobias speaks of the grand and beautiful Divine Plan, the often painful and difficult Human Plan, and how they have seemed to be separate for so long. He invites us now to bridge the gap and bring them together, thereby opening up many new potentials in our lives.

2 – The Harmonic Concordance
November 8, 2003
Evergreen, Colorado, USA
2 Sessions

In this message of incredible love Tobias leads Shaumbra through a grand ceremony of completion, fulfillment and renewal as we begin to move into the New Energy. He tells a brief history of our existence and why the energies of masculine/feminine, light/dark, human/divine became separated. He explains the purpose of the Order of the Arc, the roles of the masculine and feminine energies, and why this integration is happening right now. This is a powerful experience with Tobias, the Crimson Council and the Order of To Bi Wah.

3 – The Wound of Isis
February 2004

Mexico City, Mexico
3 Sessions

This moving message was given during Tobias’ first workshop in Mexico. He speaks about the Wound of Isis and how it manifested on earth in the Atlantean kingdom of Astlan. The events that took place left many scars in the land and in the feminine energy of humanity, and he gently guides the listener through releasing the old wounds.

4 – Atlantis Rising
May 2004,
Nassau, the Bahamas
4 Sessions

Beginning with the premise that energy always seeks resolution, Tobias helps to create a very safe space in which the listeners can move into their true feelings and senses. He talks about the history of Atlantis including the geography, lifestyles, technologies and energy research that was done there. He also brings in the energy of Azura Timu, a notorious Atlantean ruler who was responsible for immense trauma, destruction and devastation. In one of his most difficult channels ever, Tobias revisits the deep wounds that took place with those who lived and worked in the Atlantean Temples of Tien. He gently invites the listeners to choose compassion and allow the old wounds and energies of Atlantis to finally find release.

5 – Healing the Wound
February 2005
Mexico City, Mexico
5 Sessions

Assisted by the energy of Amael, the Archangel of Hope, Tobias leads the listeners through an experience of feeling, welcoming and setting free many aspects of themselves, both from this current time and many lifetimes past. He gently guides Shaumbra through letting go of the things that do not belong to us, as well as all the stories that we have held onto for so long. He gives a brief history of Creation, how energy stealing began, and how we brought it to Earth in sometimes gruesome ways. Tobias and Amael gently help the old wounds to be released, allowing healing and freedom to come in. Finally, he speaks of sex, both angelic and human, how it has been abused, and how it can now take on a whole new joy and freedom as the old imbalances are released.

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