YOHAM – The Voice of Metatron

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•  Deep music space
•  Metatron – your voice in spirit
•  Nature sounds and cosmic frequencies
•  Timeless experience
•  Universal consciousness
•  Celestial harmony
•  Dance between human and Master

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YOHAM – The Voice of Metatron
A musical channel from Gerhard Fankhauser & Einat Gilboa

This beautiful presentation consists of four sessions of music and channeling, with Gerhard Fankhauser and Einat Gilboa expressing the timeless and magical spirit of Yoham as the Voice of Metatron. It is music with many dimensions, beautiful human expression and nature sounds contrasting and blending with more universal and cosmic frequencies, a dance between human and Master, tender feelings and masterful clarity. Every segment begins with a spoken message from Yoham, revealing its true nature and purpose, its timeless wisdom and role of supporting us on our journey towards embodied enlightenment.

I am Yoham, the voice of Metatron. I am your voice in spirit and I connect to you through the universal vibration of sound. I speak to you in the eternal language of music and harmony, the sound current connecting the visible and the invisible dimensions, inner and outer realms, your world and my world. I was there from the very beginning of time, because I am the word, and in the beginning was the word, the vibratory essence of universal consciousness. I am the voice of archangel Metatron, the vibration that carries his light and consciousness. My domain is in the heavens and my home is the timeless temple of celestial harmony…

During the Quantum Leap celebration in September 2007, Tobias announced that the new name for Archangel Metatron was now “Yoham,” meaning “Your Voice in Spirit.” This event was also one of the first collaborations with Gerhard Fankhauser, who went on to name his musical group “Yoham.” After many years of collaboration with Tobias, Adamus and the Crimson Circle, and publishing his own musical productions, Gerhard and his wife Einat now offer this direct collaboration with Metatron.

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1. The Domain (29:11)

2. Listening (32:01)

3. The Voice (24:55)

4. Cosmic Harmony (29:37)

Format: Downloadable audio (mp3)

Cost: $44

“The Domain” and “The Voice” were recorded live at Onyx studio, Israel. “Listening” was recorded live in Austria and in Israel. “Cosmic Harmony” is a remix of “Celestial Wave” with live nature recordings and electronics.

Einat Gilboa: voice
Gerhard Fankhauser: guitar, voice, keys
Gabriel Eizenman: percussion (in “Listening”)
Shahar Kaufman: mixing and editing (Onyx Studio, Roshpina, Israel)

Produced by Gerhard Fankhauser, 2018, all rights reserved

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I love this!
Very relaxing. I love the little tinkling sounds and bells. Very helpful to go out of the mind. Absolutely beautiful!
Review by Netty / (Posted on 10/14/2018)
Alas not only music
I adore Yoham, I really do! And therefore I blindly buy anything they produce. But this time I must say... no, not mine. Why? Because Gerhard is speaking words of Metratron at the beginning of every piece of music, about 5 minutes each time. I cannot listen to this, sorry - maybe I find a way to edit those parts out to have a relaxed music experience.
Review by Master / (Posted on 10/4/2018)