Introduction to the Sexual Energies School


  • The most important challenge of all – loving yourself
  • It’s the answer to everything
  • Without it, you’re already undergoing abuse
  • Self-love makes miracles possible
  • Lack of self-love brings illness and death
  • Are you manifesting your heart’s desires or just taking up space?

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Introduction to the Sexual Energies School
The Answer to Everything is Self-Love

The Sexual Energies School is without doubt the most important material offered by Crimson Circle. In this brief overview, Tobias states that when you understand sexual energies, you’ll understand duality in all its forms and finally be able to allow its integration. This inner reunion, facilitated by self-love, brings New Energy to the planet and miracles into your life. The catch is that loving yourself is the biggest challenge you’ll ever face because of the sexual energy virus. Caused by imbalanced masculine and feminine energies, the virus is everywhere. But you can release it from your life through absolutely loving yourself, which means there will be nothing for it – and other people – to feed on. Alternatively, lack of self-love brings weariness, illnesses such as cancer, and eventually death.

In this final message given just a week before his grand farewell, Tobias talks about his biggest reason for returning to Earth: the integration of masculine and feminine energies through love of self. It really is the solution to everything we’ve been seeking. He says that when you die, the big question won’t be about your accomplishments, but rather, “Did I love who I was?” It’s the most important thing you will ever do. 

Tobias asks: Don’t worry about eradicating the virus from Earth. Are you loving yourself? Are you enjoying life? Are you manifesting your heart’s desire? Are you here in joy or just taking up space? 

“The one thing I’m going to ask each and every one of you is to remember to love yourself.” ~ Tobias




Length: 32:19

Format: Downloadable audio (mp3) & text (pdf)

Cost: $00

Featuring: Tobias and Linda Hoppe

Recorded in Golden, Colorado, July 2009


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