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Journey of the Angels

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 •  Who are you?
 •  Why are you here?
 •  Where did you come from?
 •  Remember your purpose on Earth
 •  Awakening the true meaning of your life
 •  It's time to remember who you are

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Journey of the Angels
The Story of Creation – by Tobias

The future is the past healed. By understanding where you came from, the future opens into freedom. Tobias tells a story of creation that will touch your soul and awaken your deepest memories. Remember the Oneness of Spirit from whence you came and revisit the origins of duality, the heartbreak and adventure of leaving Home, the discovery of Self, the Order of the Arc, and the beginning of Creation. Understand the purpose of your life, why you’re here on Earth, and the joy of the love of self.



In the ‘beginning,’ with the exquisite realization of your own existence, you set out to experience, discover and learn. You’ve had many adventures along the way, gotten hopelessly lost, forgotten your roots, but the flame of eternal longing to go Home has always burned. It has generated countless experiences, relationships and conflicts, the greatest doubt and the deepest love. And, through it all, you have never, ever done anything wrong. After eons of experience and discovery, now is the time for integration, consciousness and love of self.

• Who are you? 
• Why are you here? 
• What is your purpose? 
• Where did you come from? 
• What is the meaning of life?

Journey of the Angels will remind you of the answers to these questions and many, many more. It is your story.

NOTE: This is the Second Edition of Journey of the Angels. It contains minor additions to the front and back matter.





1. All That Was
The Oneness of Spirit split into duality, the “King and Queen,” who then burst forth as the Children of God, infant creators who set out on a journey of discovery and experience. 

2. Leaving Home
Saying goodbye to Spirit, you embarked on a profound journey of discovery. For the first time, you experienced creating for yourself, a frightening glimpse of the future, and profound separation. 

3. The Wall of Fire
Shattered and torn into billions and trillions of pieces, every knowing of self was ripped away. It was the end of existence. 

4. Awakening
Lost, alone in the Void, aware of nothing but a menacing Shadow. Yet with that awareness, you realized “I Exist” – the most beautiful awareness ever known – and the question, “Who am I?” 

5. Star Wars
You went forth on behalf of Spirit to learn and discover – without shame, guilt, judgment or rules. You discovered others and began playing, fighting, and trying to find the way Home. 

6. Order of the Arc
As creation slowed, you helped form the Order of the Arc to find the solution. The plan of Earth came into existence, and you volunteered to be among the first. Would you become lost? 

7. Coming to Earth
Gaia prepared the way for you, bringing life to this rock. Then you took one last breath on the other side and plunged in – tossed, compressed, restricted – and then incredible discovery. 

8. Lemuria and Atlantis
Life on Earth – there’s nothing like it in all of creation. In Lemuria you learned how to stay embodied, in Atlantis you learned to collaborate. Power games returned, Atlantis fell, humanity went dark. 

9. Out of Darkness
Taking a deep inward look at the question, “Who Am I?” we slowly learned and healed. Humanity began to emerge, and eventually discover Spirit within. This is why you’re here. 

10. The Future is the Past Healed
There is nothing more beautiful or challenging than being in physical form. To feel lost, to love, to remember – it has all been an incredible journey of grand experience.


Format: Paperback & Kindle 

Cost: Paperback $14.95, Kindle e-book $9.99

Featuring: Tobias

Recorded in Breckenridge, Colorado, June 2009



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It is All in the Wall
. If I were to take one book with me onto a remote island, it would be Journey of the Angels (actually, I did!) The online version is even more vivid, with the voices of Tobias and now Adamus, the com-passionate hosting by Geoff and Linda, and dramatic sound and light illustrations of the spoken word throughout the 10 chapters.
If you have read the book, revisit anyway. You have changed, you will hear and integrate more of the original material, and you do not want to miss the Adamus updates.

He is opening the event - talking about how he got involved, his remarkable relationship with Tobias, and his special gift of restoring natural abundance to the conscious experience, in heaven and on earth. Even the Ascended Masters back then had flunked "abundance" in their lifetimes and never reconsidered, until Adamus arrived in the realm, took one look around and found the set up wanting. He started pitching them his idea of the grand ascended life, and shortly thereafter the magnificent Masters' Club was created. Why? For the love of life in beauty and sensuality, at no one's expense! Not a hard sell once they got it. Now the humans...
Adamus also concludes the event after the last chapter, engraving the main idea into our awareness and sending us off to act on it.
He shows up on more time, at the most pivotal point of separation in the story: The Wall of Fire. Archimedes, the Father of Mathematics, once said "Give me a lever long enough, and a fulcrum on which to place it, and I shall unhinge the world". The way I see it, the long lever is the Journey of the Angels, the fulcrum is the Wall of Fire, and Adamus leads us right up to it and says "Now step on it!" (and undo every misperception you have ever had). Pure alchemy between Tobias and Adamus, and all who take them up on it!

With Journey of the Angels, Tobias did the impossible of creating a "story" using human words, about events, dynamics, and experiences that can't really be spoken!
In the biggest Shoud ever, he tapped into the soul memories of every Shaumbra and "put them together" in a non-linear way that would trigger the remembrance of our deepest experiences, from Oneness to being birthed as souled beings "outside of All-There-Is", the Star Wars, Lemuria, Atlantis - all the way to realizing now that our Sovereignty is still there after everything we have experienced!
What a ride in multi-D!
If it was all new, it would be totally overwhelming, but we have been there, recognize, remember, re-experience the drama of first-evers! I used to wonder about "You are already There" when nothing much looked the part, human-side. It is because we never completely left, couldn't shake our sovereignty if we tried, but we managed to forget about it, cloud it, doubt it, and scare ourselves senseless in the meantime!
We don't have to learn from our history, but we do need to remember THAT we chose to have the experiences that we did, and WHY we are here now and, based on that, receive complete forgiveness from our Soul for any perceived shame or guilt! Then we are ready to let our experienced Selves expand into pure expressions of Spirit, also known as falling in love with yourself.
Nothing much ever seems to move in creation without some form of passion, love or desire sparking it off. I might have hoped for a little more design or intent behind it all, but who should do it, in the absence of designated gods? Creation seems to be a wild thing that - once unleashed by a soul's desire and intense feeling - improvises with complete freedom! When the legendary question Who am I? was first asked by consciousness, "its energy burst forth in an incredible brilliance of Self-love, Self-wonderment and a desire to express itself such as it had never known" ... "The Oneness fell so deeply in love with itself that it manifested its expression". And just like that, the is-ness became beingness in the metaphor of king and queen. They in turn fell madly in love with each other, and their passion now "caused something to swell and open up within them, and they had the desire to share this love" ... resulting in "the grand birthing of souled beings".
There you have it, every last one of us a love child; you just have to go back far enough:)

And while everything seems to be born of love and desire, somehow the introduction of conscious choice to create also opened the door just a crack to let in the first experience of guilt, shame, doubt and fear. Everything was happening so fast, we started wondering if a different choice would have been "better", doubting outcome in the unfolding. Yes, I want to follow my desire, but NOT LIKE THAT! We decided to slow things down and created earth, which served in a way, but also "multiplied [the impact of guilt and shame] by many, many, many factors throughout your lifetimes on Earth [and] is now the only thing that keeps you from realizing your Realization is right here".
So we need to revisit those trauma points to see what else happened; lets start with the big one:
The soul's choice to leave the first circle created the energies of the Wall of Fire. Just because it prompted all-out terror in the being initially doesn't mean it was not born of total compassion and ready to serve perfectly. We did not see it that way then, judging the forces as brutal and vicious, pushing away our shadow and blaming it for the development, fighting tooth and nail to get away, to preserve any notion of our original identity, until we finally gave up and allowed ourselves to fall into nothingness. And with that, the hellish storm was over. Resistance makes for a good fight, but it has been futile from day one.
If we dare to look again now, we might see that the shredding and shattering of our wholeness into billions of pieces created a total abundance of potentials for us to experience. Every life we could ever dream up was already in there, ready to be chosen as easily as the miseries we allowed ourselves to default into!

One way or the other the Who Am I question was carried forth by every individual soul, for some all the way to life on earth, which - fun or no fun - is considered "the greatest experience in all of Creation that the Soul could imagine".
It occurred to me that Shaumbra, among other pioneers, not only lived through the infinite shattering of our identity as we came through the Wall of Fire, we then volunteered to be the first to be compressed into near oblivion on our way to the physical earth. And yet here we are, slowly coming to and releasing all of it now, through laughter and tears, lining up to be the first again, allowing our Realization as a group.
Knowing how we got here is knowing that we never left; the spirals of creation have been expanding out, but the creator never moved: I am That I Am. I Exist. I am Here.
Whew! I feel like a kid snapping out of a tantrum. Embarrassed, exhausted, softer and ready to play something fun instead now...

Tobias' Journey of the Angels is an epic masterpiece from the heart of Shaumbra. Nothing to memorize, just a remembrance fest to immerse ourselves in. I will love this story long after I will have integrated it, for the sheer beauty it holds.
Remember Saint-Germain finding precious jewels in his pocket as he walked out of the mystery school? Tobias made sure before he left that we, too, had our pockets full or treasure on the home stretch, and he made sure we had his brilliant friend Saint-Germain walk with us every step of the way. At the risk of another "Pshaw!" I bow to the two Grand Masters' Pas de Deux for Shaumbra, because I can.

Siglinde Schwenzl, member of the CC review team.
Review by sig / (Posted on 6/4/2020)