Soul Encounter


 •  The greatest gifts often appear at the darkest times
 •  Discover why your soul might feel so far away
 •  The reunion can happen at any time
 •  It doesn’t matter if you’re smart or not
 •  A complete breakdown can be a precious gift
 •  Being conscious means being fully aware of every moment



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Soul Encounter
The most precious reunion

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In this touching and deeply personal story, Kuthumi recounts the events leading up to his mental breakdown and the subsequent “dark night of the soul,” filled with anguish and despair. Finally, in his darkest hour, out of his mind and lost in terrifying hallucinations, Kuthumi sensed a light. “Who are you?” he called out. The light answered, “I am Ah-Kir-Rah, your soul.” Their subsequent conversation offers a fascinating and touching glimpse into the relationship between the human self and its pure soul. It’s a beautiful reminder that your own soul is asking, with absolute compassion, “Are you ready for me to come into your life? Are you ready to share this journey together and never be alone again?”

As a young Indian student attending Cambridge University in the mid 1800’s, Kuthumi lal Singh craved knowledge and decided to earn the highest degree in the shortest amount of time. So, he filled his days and nights with studying, sometimes even forgetting to eat or sleep. He lived in his mind, pushing himself to think harder and focus more and, by his fourth year in school, was utterly exhausted. Depleted and suddenly unable to care for himself, he crashed, experiencing a total breakdown of both mind and body. Bedridden and mostly comatose for nearly two years, he became lost in tortuous hallucinations and nightmarish dreams. Then, in the midst of this grueling ordeal, Kuthumi had a profound encounter with his own Soul Self and it changed absolutely everything. He went on to live and enjoy life for many years as an embodied Ascended Master on Earth.

NOTE: To hear the rest of Kuthumi’s engaging story, we recommend, Yes, I Am Enlightened

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Length: 1:06:26

Format: Downloadable audio (mp3) and text (pdf)

Cost: $20

Featuring: Kuthumi lal Singh, Geoffrey & Linda Hoppe

Recorded in Sedona, Arizona, June 2011

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Yes, I Am Enlightened Call of the Soul Sounds of the Soul  Studio K  Just Passing Through (Time) Merabh

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Oh-Be-Ahn - by Anders Holte
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Finding Hope - by Dan Phillipson (
Morning Wanderer - by Olive Musique (
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