Yes, I Am Enlightened

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A Special Message from Kuthumi lal Singh
Yes, I Am Enlightened

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During the groundbreaking DreamWalker Life School in Frankfurt, Germany (December 2011), Kuthumi lal Singh came in to share his experiences of living on Earth for 24 years after his enlightenment. As with so many of his messages, Kuthumi’s humor and heartfelt clarity provide an unforgettable glimpse into the reality of ascension.

Kuthumi picks up the story he shared in Soul Encounter about his long demise into a coma and subsequent encounter with his soul self, Ah-Kir-Rah. This was followed by a heart-opening reunion and his immediate recovery. Then Kuthumi relates that, while most “ascended masters” leave Earth soon after their enlightenment, he chose to remain on Earth, traveling and enjoying life for 24 more years.

Full of wisdom and sometimes bawdy humor, Kuthumi’s message gives a very personal account of the joys of living as an enlightened Master on Earth. Particularly touching is when he tells the story of his physical departure from Earth, describing it with such beauty that you can feel, hear and almost see his experience.

Kuthumi will make you laugh, cry, roll your eyes, and then realize that you too can simply make the choice for your own enlightenment, and then live it out on Earth for as long as you desire.

Note: It is recommended to listen to Soul Encounter prior to hearing this recording.

Channel time – 53:08

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Price – $20, with translated PDF - $25

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