Stories of the Masters

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Stories of the Masters
40 inspired tales of life beyond awakening

After the joy and relief of spiritual awakening, life can become very “awkward” as the human learns to trust the Master self, integrate the countless aspects and open to the presence of the I Am. Allowing this “holy trinity” of self is the essence of embodied Realization, but coming to this place is usually fraught with doubts, frustrations, apparent dead-ends, and many other challenges. You will certainly find your own experiences reflected in these inspiring, touching and often humorous stories. The sweet reminders of how to go beyond limitation into trust and allowing provide practical inspiration for your daily life.

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Adamus Saint-Germain often tells stories of the Master and the student, using these parables to illustrate the principles and essence of coming into mastery. His book, Memoirs of a Master published in 2016, contains 20 “Master and student” stories ranging from humorous to insightful and profound.

During Keahak, his annual year-long intensive, Adamus said it was time for the human Masters to write these stories. With more than 100 wonderful stories submitted, these 40 stories represent the best of the best. Stories of the Masters is a 300-page story book for those who are allowing their spiritual maturity.

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Format: Paperback or e-book

Cost: $17.95 (paperback), $9.99 (e-book)

Featuring: Thirty-seven authors from 11 different countries, inspired by Adamus Saint-Germain


Ingrid Aldendorff
Bianca Anghel
Antje Arenz
Jaynne Aster
Nancy Botti
Mikaela Christi
Silvana Corti
Regina Dickmann
Douglas Edgar
Debra Ford
Joan Giambrone
Birgit Gottas
Kristine Grikis
Tania Hess
Kathrin Hug
Catherine Hurst
Aleisha Klein
Cathy Kumnick
Suzanne Lebek
Keiko Niwa
Tammie O-Rielly
Kristina Peters
Alex Quici
Yan Raux
Pradeep RC
Heidi Rimald
Katharine Roberts
James J Sacco
Laura Schaefli
Sophie Seyer
Izabela Suska
Jean Tinder
Álvaro Trujillo Ayerbe
Donna Van Keuren
Ad Voermans
Angelika Ziegler
Rebecca Zuh

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Once upon a time there where living Masters walking the Earth...
This is a unique book. The first in its kind. Reading each story takes you in a living play. It will finds its way to whom need to find it.
Review by aZ|Za / (Posted on 12/31/2018)
Touched me deeply!
I Am here and the day I did purchase this Book even before I did begin to read it I wrote a Review on Amazon. And I do feel it is beautiful like this magical book. Story 7 touched me deeply and I had to cry because it seemed also about me and my life -and yes- because the name of the man in that Story is Peter like my name. I also do know it is also about Potentials in life and I Am grateful for this whole book and allow the energies contained within this book to serve me. And I know it will serve those who are ready too. I say thank you to the Authors for this beautiful Creation as well as to the Crimson Circle and of Course to my friend Adamus. Blessings to all of you!
Review by Peter Suedkamp / (Posted on 12/30/2018)