Stories of the Masters

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•  Getting over “doing the right thing”
•  Life is like a game of snakes and ladders
•  Reassembling your parts and pieces
•  A cup of hot chocolate with the Master
•  Painting a masterpiece with ease, joy and grace
•  Composing and performing the song of your life
•  And so much more…

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Stories of the Masters
40 inspired tales of life beyond awakening

After the joy and relief of spiritual awakening, life can become very “awkward” as the human learns to trust the Master self, integrate the countless aspects and open to the presence of the I Am. Allowing this “holy trinity” of self is the essence of embodied Realization, but coming to this place is usually fraught with doubts, frustrations, apparent dead-ends, and many other challenges. You will certainly find your own experiences reflected in these inspiring, touching and often humorous stories. The sweet reminders of how to go beyond limitation into trust and allowing provide practical inspiration for your daily life.

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Adamus Saint-Germain often tells stories of the Master and the student, using these parables to illustrate the principles and essence of coming into mastery. His book, Memoirs of a Master published in 2016, contains 20 “Master and student” stories ranging from humorous to insightful and profound.

During Keahak, his annual year-long intensive, Adamus said it was time for the human Masters to write these stories. With more than 100 wonderful stories submitted, these 40 stories represent the best of the best. Stories of the Masters is a 300-page story book for those who are allowing their spiritual maturity.

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Format: Paperback or e-book

Cost: $17.95 (paperback), $9.99 (e-book)

Featuring: Thirty-seven authors from 11 different countries, inspired by Adamus Saint-Germain


Memoirs of a Master Keahak 

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Ingrid Aldendorff
Bianca Anghel
Antje Arenz
Jaynne Aster
Nancy Botti
Mikaela Christi
Silvana Corti
Regina Dickmann
Douglas Edgar
Debra Ford
Joan Giambrone
Birgit Gottas
Kristine Grikis
Tania Hess
Kathrin Hug
Catherine Hurst
Aleisha Klein
Cathy Kumnick
Suzanne Lebek
Keiko Niwa
Tammie O-Rielly
Kristina Peters
Alex Quici
Yan Raux
Pradeep RC
Heidi Rimald
Katharine Roberts
James J Sacco
Laura Schaefli
Sophie Seyer
Izabela Suska
Jean Tinder
Álvaro Trujillo Ayerbe
Donna Van Keuren
Ad Voermans
Angelika Ziegler
Rebecca Zuh

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Amaigin book
Review by Albert / (Posted on 6/6/2021)
Good Read
The stories in this book are refreshingly different. There’s no drama, no addictive qualities. They are all different perspectives from the hearts of awakened humans. Humans on the way to full realization here on Earth. Beyond spirituality practices. Real and raw. Reconnecting with the magic of human experience, they are full of aliveness. They give me a wash of love and recognition. Good short reads. Recommended for those who want to get closer to their own deepest truth.
Review by Iwona / (Posted on 4/15/2019)
A light reading but filled wit wisdom
Stories of the Masters
To me it is a very relaxing reading to have it when I want to change my perspectives. Thanks to the Masters that took the time to write it, I can only appreciate a light and gentle reminder for some information and wisdom and sometimes realizations put in a form of a simple book and at hand when you can take some time off or a pause.
It is a delight to read in relaxed way and be the observer of the stories (that are in a very clear format, the talks between the Master and the student) and find that, sometimes, there are also other people that experienced some of your experiences, or just to realize that you went through some of those stories, but you just didn’t realized yet, until you got the chance to read the book. Just a potential... but yes, for me it was a good time to relate to some of the stories and the wisdom from that.
For me it is quite on the same level of having the other Crimson Circle books, from Tobias and Adamus Saint-Germain, and it brings a great joy to visit some of those stories from time to time. So, I do highly recommend it.
Florin Mandiuc
CC Product Review Team Member
Review by Florin Ilie / (Posted on 4/7/2019)
The Master and the Student
`Students in the 2018 Keahak program were invited to create a story using the format of the Master and the Student. I was in that Keahak group and heard Adamus’s invitation. He suggested that the storytellers take an experience from their own life and tell it using a master/student format where their wisdom is reflected in the master character and their growth opportunity is depicted in the student’s experience.

As I read the stories that were published in the book, I sensed a theme emerge. Most of the stories I read were about allowing. You cannot force evolution or make it happen, but you can allow it. This is totally contrary to what we have been taught as humans.

Joe Davinroy
Crimson Circle Product Review Team
Review by JD / (Posted on 3/25/2019)
Great Writing & Great Stories
Story telling is a rich and vibrant way to share an experience. It is an invitation to co-habitat a space, an experience, or a perspective for a period of time and is so much more than just listening to a recounting of the parts of the experience. Reading a story is like listening to a good piece of music that draws you into a dance with the writer, the story teller, the Creator.

And indeed the story tellers in Stories of the Master are excellent writers and share excellent stories! I am greatly impressed and inspired by the imagination and creativity.

The topics written about included doubts, resistance, trying rather than allowing, letting go of agendas, experiencing your experiences and seeing them as they are, coming to see the perfection in everything, actually knowing that all IS well, and finding and expressing the song that is the song of your I Am.

The stories represent a diversity of experiences and perspectives that are like a beautiful palette of colors that brings diversity into a painting.

As I read, I often experienced “been there, done that”, as well as a joy in vicariously sharing the experiences, insights, and wisdom expressed in the stories.

Thanks to everyone who brought this book to reality, especially all the Masters who shared their stories.

Patti Severance
CC Product Review Team Member
Review by Patti / (Posted on 2/17/2019)
A tremendous brewing of energy
It has been a long long time since I felt so much pleasure to read a book! So enthusiastic that I am already reading this marvel for the second time!!! When it was edited I bought it and immediately began to read it on my kindle, very curious about what all these authors I am sharing the same teacher/distractor had created. What a bath of joy, what a richness there, what a sensitivity, what a delicate humor! I had to restrain myself not to read too fast and to savor the stories: such a pleasure to taste, to feel each of them and to stay vibrant after each story, observing how they worked on me. All of them are, in one way or another, related to my relation with my master, so exciting! So much wisdom, new ways of saying things: I got there a lot of new insights about Adamus proposals...
I could feel the energy of it pulsing on my night table.
I have never read something like that before (except other's Geoff books) that drives me so high: after that reading, being myself an author, I began to write again short novels, very inspired to make them easy to read and simple, even for no Shaumbras. Thank you, friends, also for that!
I am so tired of muggle world novels: always the same drama, horrors, violence... But there, a new style is born. I would love to read more and more of them, to watch movies with these themes, videos and why not a TV serie?
Review by Chris / (Posted on 2/15/2019)
Great inspiration on the path for realization.
Stories of the Masters
Ah, such a joy to sit back and read these stories, told by different people in their own way.
So many ways of describing the awakening process in humans on their way to realization.
As one of my spiritual teachers expressed it many years ago, “Many humans keep running around, searching for years to find a meaning with their life; the only thing they never did was to sit down, relax and take the time to feel into themselves …”
This book is highly recommended by me; read it and be inspired!
Review by IAMAI / (Posted on 2/12/2019)
Make you feel you are a part of a family.
From the bottom of my heart, I sincerely want to thank each and everyone who have contributed to this Masterpiece.
The book really made me feel less alone and it made my mood much better. It is so nice to read about similar experiences, infused with a lot of humor.
Thanks a lot.
Review by Ariel / (Posted on 2/3/2019)
It’s funny at times, touching at times and always offering beautiful wisdom and a good story.
This really is a book of master stories! Each one of them telling a story of the human meeting the Master, but from so many different perspectives. Some are short others long, and each one is so inspiring to read. I say read, but actually it’s more about feeling into the stories.
You may see your own human self from your own life story, in some of the different situations in the stories. In some of them, the human is so absorbed in the 3D reality, and so stuck in believe systems that they can’t see beyond them. Looking for something, that they think will improve their human lives, maybe even make them perfect humans. But of course, it only leads to more struggle.
Some are looking for realization, searching and working hard to be considered worthy. Always to do the right thing. But the believe that you can get there through your mind, or that you have to work hard for it, is an illusion. The looking for approval or anything else on the outside of yourself, just keeps you from meeting and feeling yourself.
The answer is of course breathing and allowing. It sounds so very easy, but when you are consumed by and identified with your story, it’s a tough thing to do. Sometimes you may feel that all the old wounds, all the struggles are what defines you. Because, who are you, if you are not your story?
In most of the stories the Master is another person that the human meets in their search. The Master always has compassion, wisdom and humor but will never allow anyone to feed off of them. Compassion means the acceptance of the human exactly where they are, also that they may not be ready yet to go beyond the 3D reality. The Master knows, they will come back when they are ready.
Many stories are about the meeting, where the transformation takes place. And they are always described in such beautiful ways, sharing so much wisdom.
Like all good stories there is more than one layer in each one, and you can feel into each layer. Although I think I have heard it all before, this offers such a beautiful opportunity to dive into the wisdom and understand it even deeper.
What I also like, is the many different “settings” for the stories. One story even takes place in the future, another in the Ascended Masters club. And with authors from the whole world, it adds to the variety.
This is a book that I will come back to again and again. It’s funny at times, touching at times and always offering beautiful wisdom and a good story. I highly recommend “Stories of the Masters”.
Anne Maribo Andersen
CC Product Review Team Member
Review by Anne Maribo Andersen / (Posted on 1/20/2019)
Once upon a time there where living Masters walking the Earth...
This is a unique book. The first in its kind. Reading each story takes you in a living play. It will finds its way to whom need to find it.
Review by aZ|Za / (Posted on 12/31/2018)
Touched me deeply!
I Am here and the day I did purchase this Book even before I did begin to read it I wrote a Review on Amazon. And I do feel it is beautiful like this magical book. Story 7 touched me deeply and I had to cry because it seemed also about me and my life -and yes- because the name of the man in that Story is Peter like my name. I also do know it is also about Potentials in life and I Am grateful for this whole book and allow the energies contained within this book to serve me. And I know it will serve those who are ready too. I say thank you to the Authors for this beautiful Creation as well as to the Crimson Circle and of Course to my friend Adamus. Blessings to all of you!
Review by Peter Suedkamp / (Posted on 12/30/2018)