The Master’s Life Part 10: Way Out

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  • The passion returns… finally!
  • Go out and come back at any time
  • A glimpse into a different future
  • Never again forget who you really are
  • Gravity, Focus and duality are here to serve you
  • Welcome Home

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The good life, the Master’s Life

The Master’s Life
Part 10: Way Out

• Crimson Circle Cloud Class Event – Streaming Audio/Video (non-downloadable)
• You will have 365 days from the date of purchase to access the audio, video and text e-reader, per Adamus' request
También disponible con interpretación simultánea en español además de las sesiones originales en inglés

Embodied Realization is why you’re here. In order to experience this freedom, you must allow your way out of the confines of duality, mental focus and extreme limitation. In Way Out Adamus Saint-Germain shares what he considers the three most important ways to go beyond. These are Focus, Gravity and Oneness. He also explains that you cannot get out if you’re still playing energy games, have interfering aspects, close ties with your ancestors, or are taking SSRIs. However, when these things are released, you can learn to walk out and come back as desired. Then your true passion blossoms and you become the new Merlin, a Master and friend of energy. It will also lead to your Free Energy Body or light body.

Humans have been trying to get back “Home” for eons of time, and for the few who have found their way, it was nearly impossible to remain on Earth. Now, for the first time in history, there is a group of people who are determined to do just that, and Adamus is here to provide guidance and support. He talks in depth about how to get “out” but also to come back as desired. This is our true passion, finally awakening after all the old human passions have gone away and made the space for it.

IMPORTANT: Reminders from Adamus of things to understand before attending this Cloud Class, plus three special extras:
• Ancestral Freedom – One cannot have a good relationship with energy if still tied to the ancestors and their energy slavery
• Sexual Energies School – It’s very important to understand the role of the of Isis and Adam, of the virus, and to be free of all energy feeding
Aspectology – One must be inviting the aspects back into the safe space, and also receiving the forgiveness of the I Am
• No mind meds – It is very important to allow yourself to feel everything, which means being free of anti-depressants and other psychotropic medications for at least 18 months
• 365 days access – Adamus wants you to experience this Cloud Class many, many times, and therefore requested a much longer period of access
• Bonus tracks – You will receive access to the music tracks of two merabhs in order to allow your own experience without words 

1. Setting the Stage
In order to stay embodied after Realization, there are important things to do first. These include releasing the ancestors, stopping energy feeding, integrating aspects and releasing all use of mind meds. Regardless of when you experience this class, you’ll be on a similar timeline as other attendees. It’s time to release the Atlantean headband effects, go beyond the mind, and accept the dragon’s presence in your post-awakening life.

2. The Passion Returns (55:37)
In “The Time of Machines,” as Adamus looked into the future dynamics of technology, lack of freedom, mind meds and more, his Oversoul reminded him why he was drawn to this time. He was answering the call of a group of humans who chose to allow their Realization and thereby make a huge difference on the planet. After the beautiful merabh of reconnecting with your true passion – to find the way out and come back whenever you want – you will never again forget.

3. Gravity (54:37)
Adamus reminds of your journey to Earth – a multidimensional being going through countless layers of compression into the intense focus of physical reality. Now it’s important to release ALL victim energies and understand that no one has kept you here. It was all for experience. Within duality there is always the opposite expression of everything, including gravity. It was gravity that brought you in, and gravity is one of the most important ways out. In a profound merabh that you’re invited to revisit many, many times, Adamus helps you ride the waves of gravity back out.

4. Focus (46:24)
Gravity is the glue of reality; it holds everything together. As you were compressed and condensed into physical form, pulled deep into the sense of Focus, your other angelic senses were forgotten. It’s time to go beyond Focus, but you can’t do it by fighting or resisting. Adamus offers another way to dissolve the Focus and set yourself free.

5. Oneness (47:32)
There has always been a deep longing to go back Home to God or Spirit. But, as Tobias said, Home actually comes to you, and this welcome is part of the way out. Feel the return of your own spirit, your Merlin and your human, integrating together as distinct parts of the oneness of you. In this last merabh, Adamus says that only you, the human, can take off the blinders, break through the illusion of separation, and allow the experience of oneness. He invites you to return again and again to the infinite mystery of the I Am, because what comes after is gnost and the Free Energy Body.

Format: Streaming video, audio and online text e-reader – 365-day access

Cost: $145 through November 23, 2019 ($195 thereafter)

Translations: When text translations become available, they will be listed at the top of this page. Because these are done on a gratis basis, we do not know when they will be available. No refunds or extensions will be granted due to translation availability.

Featuring: Adamus Saint-Germain, Geoffrey & Linda Hoppe

Recorded at the Crimson Circle Connection Center, June 2019

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Master's Life 10, Way Out, is deep & personal!!
Master’s Life 10, Way Out, is deep and personal.

In the 5th and final session, Adamus talks about diving into the Mystery of the I Am. If ever a mystery, the grandest simplicity, is revealed to us, it is in Way Out.

Over the course of 5 sessions with intense merabhs, Adamus addressed 2 keys questions: How will we stay on the planet?, and How will we deal with energies?

In Session 1,. Setting the Stage he reviews those things we’ve released to come this far, including ancestral bonds, the sexual energy virus and use of SSRIs. We’ve made the choice to go beyond, to be the expansionalists, freeing ourselves to receive our Free Energy Body and Gnost.

Adamus reminds us that we came here to Earth as an adventure, an experience to ultimately understand the relationship of Consciousness & Energy.

The extreme compression that allowed us to come to Earth slowed everything down, allowing ourselves to be immersed in the senses of time & space in order to experience. We developed a mind/brain, a biological computer, to process and to be a receptor.

Along the way, the mind became hypnotized, accepting the illusions of separation, limitations, and duality. Suffering became our accepted story. We forgot our name and why we are here.

Now we are ready for the Oneness of I Am/Consciousness, Merlin/Master/Wisdom, and Human/Energy. We say “No More” and now Know, with the Joy of I Am, the light of clarity from the Dragon, and the wisdom of Merlin, that there is a Way Out that allows us to experience all that is Way Out beyond mental hypnosis, at the same time we’re experiencing daily life!.

What Adamus said next was a great gift to me. He said that in going through this final clearing, we shouldn’t expect to be walking-on-clouds-happy, but angry, repulsed, crazy, depressed, intolerant, and pissed off!! Phew!! Thanks!

Session 2, The Passion Returns, was extraordinarily deep & personal for me. After describing and summarizing how convenient life has become for most of humanity, resulting in colorless, boring, and uninspired living, he goes on to talk about the group he saw when he time traveled to 2020. They were calling out for his for guidance. It was us!

In the merabh, he invites you to know that in remembering why you came here, feeling what is you, you will again experience the beautiful & sensual passion to find your Way Out!

As the new expansionalists, we stay in our body and experience the real passion of why we are here now… find our Way Out and then….come back in, whenever we want. That is Freedom!

In the next 3 sessions, Adamus talks about the ways to go Way Out. He talks about the sense of Gravity, it’s sensual, seductive beauty, and the simplicity of that which brought us here is that which will take us out. This merabh was indeed sensual and transformational!

Then he talks about Focus, why we created it, and how to dive in to go beyond it. He reminds us again that in going Way Out, we’re still within All that is Oneself!

The last session, Into Oneness, is a reminder that there has never been separation between I Am, Merlin & Human. They are all aspects or facets of the whole, of the Body of Consciousness. The human, through the senses of Focus & Gravity, has isolated itself, and is now Realizing it’s own Oneness and that only it, the human, can break through the illusion of separation. As always, dear Adamus reminds us not to work at it, but simply to make the choice and allow! He says, “Do it for the sensuality.”

Adamus concludes and summarizes by saying: “What’s the way out of limitation and what’s way out there, what’s beyond all the limitations of the human experience? Three simple things, Gravity, Focus, & Oneness. Here we are now, finding the way out, and out there, which is really actually in here, is the light body, is the gnost.”

He reminds us again that to stay on the planet right now, we definitely need the Free Energy Body and gnost & Freedom to go Way Out!

Give yourself a Fall Equinox/“pre-holiday” gift and experience Master’s Life 10. It’s given for you to experience, not for 90 days, but for a whole year of 365 days, as Adamus invites us to experience the merabhs 5 to 10 times each.! It includes the 5 sessions plus two additional music tracks for sessions 3, Earth to Infinity, and 5, Whispers on the Waters, infused with special energies, without the words.

Master’s Life 10, Way Out, is a profound & majestic experience. It is filled with our returning magic, inviting you to remember who you are, experiencing the “tools” to find the Way Out, expanding into renewed awareness of your true passion to go Way Out, then come back when you want, and ultimately being aware that you are in both simultaneously.

Thank you dearest Adamus, Geoff & Linda, CC Staff and all of our family, our House of Shaumbra!!
Review by Patti / (Posted on 9/15/2019)
After watching these sessions (one per day), I walk around feeling very aware and totally unaware at the same time. Forget where I have put things and what my intention was to do next. Enjoy doing nothing; just sitting or lying in a relaxed way … And yet,
The Master’s Life Part 10 Way Out
This is a very special Master`s Life by Adamus. I have said it before, but it is still true: The simpler, the deeper the effect …
After watching these sessions (one per day), I walk around feeling very aware and totally unaware at the same time. Forget where I have put things and what my intention was to do next. Enjoy doing nothing; just sitting or lying in a relaxed way … And yet, I have been working hard physically with great joy; cut down several trees together with my dear wife in our garden, so I have lots of passion and energy, too.
Adamus points out these things: The necessity to be familiar with Ancestral Freedom, releasing the bonds of the ancestors! The importance of knowing and mastering balanced energy management, read: having taken Tobias` & Adamus` SES! Not to be under influence of antidepressant medications! And to allow forgiveness for anything in your life!
In ProGnost `19 Update Adamus told about how he perceived the year 2020 with the influence of technology: People`s convenience, use of mobile phones and PCs. No creativity! Lack of inspiration and vitality; mind-washed into believing they were free; laziness, depression and anxiety; not caring for the environment … No passion present!
After this I felt somewhat sad. Luckily Adamus travelled further into 2034 where he found that things were NOT as bad as he had thought they would be.
SO that`s why Adamus and we are here in this lifetime: To bring back consciousness and passion through our embodied realization.
Adamus shows 3 ways to go Way Out: Using the dynamics Gravity, Focus and Oneness. Each session ends with a merabh with deliberately selected and beautiful music to support the experience. I really enjoyed my travelling …
ML 10 Way Out is with 365 days access … and I understand why: The channelings, the music and the merabhs open my ability to let go of old stuff (ancestors etc.); let go of the patterns of the planet Earth (mass consciousness); support the experience of going way out (beyond) … Going into gnost, our knowingness and allowing the entry of the free Energy Body (Light Body) … and becoming aware that we can choose ourselves to go in and out of realities as we desire. This is a process and it´s all about allowing …
I do recommend ML 10.
Finn Andersen
Member of the CC Review Team

Review by IAMAI / (Posted on 8/29/2019)
WAY OUT is the way to your massion!
I felt so much joy when watching ML. 10. While the other Master’s life series have been new information, and of course experiences, there is not much new in this one. Instead it is about experience. Adamus explains how he has talked about all the concepts, to prepare us to really experience them. In other words, go way out. I like his playing on words, the meaning going way out and also this is the way out. Of course, we don’t do that after having watched this a few times, so he wanted us to have access for 365 days! That is such a gift. In that way, we do have the opportunity to expand our consciousness. Expansionalists, he calls us.
One thing that stroke me – although I have heard it before, but kind of forgotten – is how our journey has been tougher because we have taken on issues on behalf of them coming after us, to make it easier for them to go through awakening, into Mastery and finally realization. We have laid the track for them to follow. It makes sense to me in my own life, why it has been so difficult at times. But on the other hand, there is nothing like being among the first!

Review by Anne Maribo Andersen / (Posted on 8/28/2019)
Beautiful, Majestic and Expansional
This is the most sacred and most personal and most expansional experience that I have ever gone through. I feel like a new born baby experiencing All That Is for the first time. It's beauty and majesty is almost overwhelming. I am honoured and privileged to be a part of this. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you.

Review by Jen / (Posted on 8/25/2019)
To be experienced a lot!
The Masters Life 10 feels expansive and it does. As well outward as inward. You can feel yourself really go way out wich also can mean inside like Adamus mentioned that in Duality everything does have it’s counterpart. And indeed you can experience that. I am greatful and thankful for this amazing Cloud Class. So well orchestrated and produced. I allow myself to re-experience it for we/you have a year in time to experience it over and over. And I am giving thanks to myself having invested in SES, Aspectology, Ancestral Freedom as well as did not allow anybody prescribe me Anti-Depression Medicine because that would not work and one who hasn’t gone through these Classes or one who takes that medicine would not be able to get the full experience out of this Masters Life 10. So I did everything right following my feelings wich led me to where I am now. Thank you Adamus Saint-Germain and thank you Crimson Circle for always being in the grand service for Shaumbra and those coming after us.
Review by I Am that I Am Peter Suedkamp / (Posted on 8/23/2019)