The Master’s Life Part 7 – I Am Creation

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•  The true nature of creation finally revealed
•  “I Exist” in the magical twilight desert
•  Wisdom – a most beautiful realization
•  Spiritual maturity and the Now Future
•  Understanding energy and letting it work for you
•  The absolute awe of creation…
•  Meeting the creator within its creation

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The good life, the Master’s Life…

The Master’s Life
Part 7 – I Am Creation
With Beloved St. Germain

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Beloved St. Germain reveals the true nature of creation – and how you can be a creator – in a way never before addressed in any spiritual, religious or philosophical materials. In this stunning presentation, St. Germain asks that you let go of all ideas and preconceptions about what you thought creation was, for I Am creation is something that has never before been experienced in the human reality. It is allowing the wisdom, integration and Realization of the Master self, and ultimately meeting the creator – you – within your creation. He makes it very clear that there is no room for wounds, fears and limitations, because applying creation principles will only embed these things deeper into your reality. In fact, this presentation is specifically for those on the path of mastery who have released old patterns and stuck energies from their lives and are now ready to allow their true creatorship to emerge.

According to St. Germain, I Am Creation requires a large amount of spiritual maturity, which means you’re no longer just focused on the human identity and its needs. While most of us are here in this lifetime for embodied Realization, St. Germain says we also came for something more – to be the I Am Creation within a physical body and reality. It marks the metamorphosis from the human caterpillar to the integrated butterfly, a natural process but one that can be hindered by holding on to old issues.

While there are no prerequisites to attend this class, both St. Germain and the Crimson Circle staff strongly urge you to experience and integrate “Master’s Life 6 – No More!” before participating in “I Am Creation.”

This Cloud Class was recorded in two parts, yet it is being offered as one subscription. You will be invited to listen to each session several times to truly integrate and embody its energy and information before moving on to the next. It is also recommended that you take a break of at least one to two weeks between the first five sessions and the last three. Each session includes a deep merabh experience.


1. I Exist (53:04)

St. Germain asks, “Is not true creation the very dream of why you’re here?” I Am Creation combines the human experience with the wisdom of the Master and all lifetimes, past and future. It has never been done before, so release all notions of what you think it means. He then invites you to join him in a “place of creation,” a beautiful twilight desert that you will return to again and again.

2. Wisdom (53:32)

Wisdom is what separates a Master from a typical human simply experiencing their journey. Without wisdom, energies remain stuck and cycles keep repeating. When St. Germain leads a deep merabh of experiencing wisdom, he says that creation without wisdom is like putting yourself into a prison.

3. The Now Future (48:49)

True creation requires spiritual maturity, which means you’re no longer focused on the human identity and needs. The next step is the Now Future, where you allow yourself to realize what is in the future, right now. In this profound experience, you’ll feel how it truly comes to you, and how the potentials in your life rearrange themselves to support your choice of Realization.

4. Energy (42:03)

Most would-be “creators” start with energy, but without the basis of I Exist and the balance of wisdom, it doesn’t work. Returning to the twilight desert, St. Germain guides an experience of energy, explaining exactly what it is, how it works and how it supports your creation. He states that if you’re not ready to let energy serve you completely, then you should not move into the next steps.

5. The Awe of Creation (26:23)

After covering the important preliminary information, St. Germain now brings you back to the twilight desert to experience the breathtaking awe of creation. In many ways it is beyond words for, as he asks, how do you describe something of such magnificence? You must simply allow the experience.

After fully assimilating and integrating the first five segments, move on to the next three.

6. Creator Within Creation (55:53)

After a short recap and reminder, St. Germain brings you back to the twilight desert of creation. He explains that the soul, the I Am, is constantly experiencing the joy of its unknown creation, regardless of what that experience might be to the human. He states that “Creation is simply the sublime joy of Beingness. No energy, no force, no trying to make or produce something, no trying to heal the past. Just the joy.” Here, when you meet your Self within creation, everything changes.

7. Realization (36:59)
St. Germain explains how this joy of the I Exist goes forth into experience, including into the human expression which then gets lost and feels alone. But the longing to be back in that joy is what Tobias called the Fruit of the Rose. “Realization is simply the creator meeting itself as the human within their creation.

8. The Living I Am (1:01:58)

Adamus, the facet created by St. Germain, comes in for this final session. After talking about how much time and work it has taken to come to this point, he tells a beautiful Master’s Story to bring it all together. Then, in the final “Merabh for Creation,” he states that life will never be the same for those who have allowed this step. “What you’re in right now is the living I Am,” the creator within its creation, here in the human reality.

Format: Streaming video, audio and online text e-reader

Cost: $195 

Translations: When text translations become available, they will be listed at the top of this page. Because these are done on a gratis basis, we do not know when they will be available. No refunds or extensions will be granted due to translation availability.

Featuring: Beloved St. Germain, Adamus Saint-Germain, Geoffrey & Linda Hoppe

Recorded at the Crimson Circle Connection Center, March 2018

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The ultimate love story becoming a reality
This is phenomenal: being a Human Creator/Creation…! This is the ultimate love story becoming a reality. For years, we’ve continuously been reminded that Enlightenment or Self-Realisation is so simple and this is what The Master’s Life 7: I Am Creation truly brings to light. It is astounding.

The Cloud Class energetically prepares the listener for a most beautiful journey into experiencing what St. Germain calls “I Am Creation”. There are carefully set up, deeply experiential spaces in Part I, all expanding into the unfolding of the necessary steps before the delicately personal, intimate experiences in Part II. It is just you, with St. Germain at a respectful distance, and then Adamus in the final session, with you every step of the way – as he promised.

The second session, Wisdom, has to be my favourite in Part I. The breadth and the depth are stunning. From those earlier brief moments of tasting the nectar of Wisdom to this… I’m just laughing: I’ve become a total wisdom freak! I made sure to allow time for it before moving on, the Master’s presence is crucial.

Part II is just beyond words… When you’ve lived a human lifetime – and a thousand more – in the anticipation of what is now coming, the experience is… shocking and sublime at the same time. My human was dumbfounded. Stupefied. It’s literally jaw-dropping. The enormity of it hit me like a hammer in the head – while the divinely sacred nature of the experience was… simply sublime.

Before I started the class, I had felt almost painfully magnetised to get my hands on it, but I also felt a strong urge to feel I’m absolutely ready. All in a natural flow, I was skimming through my life like a novel, checking out for clues of remaining issues and what might still be holding me back. And, for the first time, I actually had the patience to go slowly. As Shakespeare puts it, “Go wisely and slowly. Those who rush, stumble and fall.” (Romeo and Juliet) I also felt back into The Master’s Life 6: No More! Cloud Class before embarking on this journey – it is sound advice. It all ties in together.

Then, I became aware of a special message from Adamus from a few years back, delivered at the time when Shaumbra participated in the creation of the Crimson Circle Connection Center in Colorado (a.k.a. the Studio), called “It Comes to You”, and discovered it was a crucial part of my experience. These are the words that have looped in my head for years, from the first time I let myself hear them in a Shoud with Tobias ("When the Divine Plan Meets the Human Plan”. Nov 1, 2003). “It comes to you”. How long it has taken to understand it, the depth of it finally unfolded within me during this Cloud Class.

I had such beautiful experiences (totally an understatement, words just fall short with this one). It took a few weeks, listening, re-visiting… but it was all appropriate. There are multiple layers in each session, it’s all very subtle, very quiet, yet very present and real. This Cloud Class provides a safe space for the experiences, something that can be so inaccessible within the human reality or just through words. The words are almost meaningless, it’s about the experience. All this energy and space available for those who feel ready, it’s a culmination of a long journey, moving into something that has not been done before.

Maija Leisso – CC Product Review Team Member
Review by Maija Leisso / (Posted on 10/17/2018)
This is the best of the best! What a gift! Of all the series this is the one my little human wishes it could hold on to forever not just for content but for the entire production...viz....the music being complementary and providing the most appropriate background for these deep truths. It's like the most magnificent waterfall ... the music would be the sounds and the material would be life sustaining ... energy bringing waters of truth, light and life. Can you tell how deep this is my truth integrated? No need to hold on .... it's all interred. Thank you dear and beloved St Germaine, dearest Geoffrey and the beautiful Linda and also to the grand and devoted CC staff. The Joy is truly in the journey just walking with you all. Love from me, Yvonne Provost.
Review by Yvonne / (Posted on 9/29/2018)
True Creation - Why We're Here
Gone are the days of listening to material, mentally processing what you’ve heard and then trying to incorporate it. Master’s Life 7 is a perfect example of how we are now, that our perceptions and senses have opened, able to feel and truly experience what is presented. It is a personal barometer for me and for many Shaumbra to gauge how far we’ve come in releasing old wounds, limitations and fears that would have held us back. This Master’s Life is also a way to honor ourselves that we are ready to experience true creation while embodied. As Saint-Germain says, few thought it was possible, yet here we are.

Having the awareness and experiencing the I Exist is a critical part of the I Am Creation. My first inkling of the I Exist came during The Journey of the Angels when dear Tobias invited us to experience it. In this Master’s Life, Saint-Germain invites us to feel and experience it now in its fullness as we create a beautiful space of immense beauty and honor for ourselves.

I know this place that Saint-Germain takes us. I’ve had a sense of it before. But to consciously be there and go deeper and deeper into I AM creation is ineffable.

These sessions “knocked me out” like no other material I’ve experienced. I feel it’s important to listen and experience without distraction so you can immerse yourself as deeply as you choose.

Remembering back to the years of “what is my purpose” “why am I here” brings back those feelings of being a bit lost after my “awakening”. It all seems so shallow now compared to the indescribable depth of what is being brought forth to assist us in our realization.

BE the Living I AM. It is not only the name of the last session, but it was one of the things that when I heard Saint-Germain speak it, I felt it through my entire being. Meeting yourself as the Creator within your creation would have only been words had I, like so many others, not brought ourselves to this sacred point.

We are on the brink of living as embodied realized beings. This material, like no other before it, supports in a way that it can affect our entire body of consciousness. If you are drawn to this Master’s Life, I invite you, like Saint-Germain does, to really open and allow yourself to experience what is presented. It is beyond life changing. It is why we’re here.

Review by Kathleen Haws / (Posted on 7/25/2018)
This Class Is AMAZING!
In the aftermath of viewing Master’s LIfe VII, I’ve been trying to come up with words to describe my experience. This has been challenging. My experience keeps deepening. I will say that Adamus is amping this up. We are going to a whole new level, actually applying the mysteries of creation and going down the rabbit hole of personal freedom.

If you are serious about your personal mastery, this class is for you. Feel into your readiness, breathe into it, and trust your knowingness. If you aren’t sure you are ready, do yourself a favor and don’t take this class, because it changes everything.

I recommend people take the other Master’s Life classes first and stair-step up to this one. They will prepare you to see the old programming and ancestral patterns you have used to survive. These patterns are so deep they are cellular, but once you see them, you can’t un-see them. You will need to let the old ways of getting energy go to apply the content of this class because the old ways do not work in the New Energy. If you try to stay in the old ways it is going to get really rough.

By embracing the new way of creating that Adamus reveals, I feel much calmer and life is becoming simpler and easier. I look at things differently and the world is reflecting that back to me through new experiences. I feel more peaceful and happy.
Review by J. J. D. / (Posted on 7/18/2018)
Beauty beyond words
Master Life 7 – I Am Creation brought so much beauty to the experience of my life. It has a profound Merabh in each segment and on top of that yet another Master’s story at the end.

It starts with the basics - going so much deeper into the experience of it. Step by step, experience after experience - deeper into the beauty of who you are. Starts with I exist, and honoring human and his or her journey. Continues with wisdom to add the color into each experience. To bring experiences out of stuck place. Paradigm shift, point of separation – allowing wisdom, not working on it.

Master Life 7 is beyond words. The indescribable beauty of the twilight in the desert when the heat eases up, stars are slowly coming up. The quiet. I love this experience. Just recently I was standing on the deserts of southern California waiting for the stars to come up, short few days before I received this program. It expanded this experience by adding wisdom and mastery.

Adamus tells us that a grain of sand is just a piece of a rock without the wisdom. It can become the joy and fulfillment with wisdom. We can look at our life, our experiences as grains of sand. What happens when the night falls and they start glowing with wisdom? Beyond words - pure experience of opening the sense of beauty for me.

It has 2 parts - first is the gentle opening to existence, wisdom, energy and the awe of creation. The second part is all about I Am Creation and reminds me of our KH7.

What a journey, what an unfolding .The beauty of bringing the sands of the desert into life .And now CC extended the time I can enjoy this to 111 days.
Very helpful to get an honest look at your anger before coming to this place on a desert. Standing on the sands of all your experiences. Beauty of the quiet desert. Sands of time. Stars... Ah!

Review by Iwona / (Posted on 7/5/2018)
This is it, Shaumbra!
Wow, this might be the most difficult review I’ve written for a Crimson Circle product. Partly because it is so difficult to find words for it, and partly because my own creation has been expanding so fast I haven’t had time to find the words! But here goes:

Oh, Shaumbra, this is it! The Master’s Life Part 7 – I Am Creation is not just another amazing workshop on the way to enlightenment. This is IT! This is the completion and culmination of everything we have been working, and so often struggling, toward. As Saint Germain says near the end, this IS realization.

Of course there will be more classes, because there are always deeper layers, but if you are finally ready to drop the battles and allow real creation, mastery and realization into your life, then this class is for you.

For me, the experiences in Master’s Life 7 brought what I already knew into such beautiful and deep clarity. And it was just in time, for I was already in the process of “changing my chair” (to quote from the June Shoud), and of opening to a whole new life on the other side of the world. I didn’t know that’s what it was going to be, but oh my: When you start to get what “I Am Creation” means, and surrender to that, expect life to change in ways more beautiful than you ever imagined!

Don’t miss this class, my friends! And, if you are like some I know who are holding back because you heard ML6 and aren’t sure you are ready, consider what Adamus said in a recent Shoud: “It’s not about whether you have released your issues and battles yet. It’s about whether you are WILLING to release them.” If you are willing, then the energies and experiences of Master’s Life 7 will gently facilitate that release and so much more. Trust yourself.
Review by John McCurdy / (Posted on 6/16/2018)
Reunion and Rebirth
Master’s Life VII - I Am Creation is an invitation into experience. It creates a safe space for us to allow our own reunion and rebirth, but it is up to us to receive it.

The content is extremely simple, so simple it is an anathema to the mind. It also draws a line in the sand for us on this path to realization. We are either willing to go beyond the mind, its fears and its agendas, and embrace the wisdom within, or we are not. We are either willing to trust the wholeness of what we are implicitly, or we will continue living from a limited, separated, and fear-based perspective. We are either willing to embrace what we already are now, in this very moment, or we will continue an endless game of seeking. There is no middle ground. Time and effort will not bring us home to ourselves. Our true nature is patiently waiting for us to be done with the games so that we can finally see and be what we are.

For me, this class created sacred space for a great love story to unfold. I savored each step of this experience. It felt like a courtship slow dance with a true love.

It took me over a month to complete the class because I rested after each step, feeling into the subtle nuances and the ongoing expansion. As a result, my experience was deep and sweet and very multidimensional. I became vividly aware of an alive stillness within that was also aware of me, watching with compassion, accepting everything about me, waiting patiently for me to be ready. I can feel its great joy and its curiosity as we now step together into a very new life.

Since completing the class, there is a melting sweetness within me. My mind is surrendering, my body unwinding. I know there is nowhere to go and nothing to do now but trust and allow. Life suddenly feels much more playful.

If you are considering this class, please honor your knowingness. One should not push forward into this material unless you feel totally ready for it. This marks a true point of departure. It IS realization, no more putting it out into the future and distracting ourselves with drama. I recommend taking Master’s Life VI - No More as a prerequisite, as it reveals the mental hypnosis and hidden controls that must be released for free agenda-less creation. Old patterns may still be playing out in our lives, but we must be fully willing to let them go and enter creation powerless, with both wisdom and innocence. When one is ready, this material provides a safe space for an intimate meld that is truly life-changing.
Review by D / (Posted on 6/14/2018)
Hear and feel what creation is about
Review – The Master’s Life Part 7 – I Am Creation
German translation below.
“Your life will never be the same” is one of the things Adamus says in this class. And I believe him. All Crimson Circle classes are transformational. But some are turning points – you are on a whole different track afterwards. I have a feeling in my gut that this is one of those turning points.
Please take the advice about doing “The Master’s Life Part 6” before seriously. Clean House before you move into the “I am Creation” part. There will be some cleaning house stuff happening anyway and I have the feeling that if you not take this class seriously or bring in some ego stuff it can be quite hurtful.
And when you are ready to take this next step: Prepare for a hell of a ride. I have absolutely no clue what exactly changed. But it changed within me and is still changing and that’s awesome and baffling and also makes me a tiny bit nervous (and hugely curious what’s around the corner).
You don’t have to do anything as always: Just let go of the old stuff, listen and allow.
The experience of “I am Creation” is hard to describe. I experienced and felt a lot and for most part I have no words for the feelings. The nice energy (which kind of was “switched on” during “The Master’s Life Part 5 – Ahmyo” was there again most of the time. I felt very scared at times – I guess part of me knows I am in the middle of a huge shift. It’s what I chose – but it’s scary still. One day my passion was completely gone. Nothing mattered, nothing felt at all fun or inspiring – like everything came to a complete end. I was often confused, even more unfocused than usual, really really enjoyed the lovely energy throughout all sessions, understood not a lot, understood completely (and for the first time not worrying about that contradiction) and also for the first time followed the advice to listen several times to each session (normally I find that too boring – but somehow I knew this time it was important). And making a pause between the first and the last sessions.
I feel I understand “creation” on a deeper level. I am even more relaxed than before. I don’t have to do a thing – just enjoy life – connect to the I AM/I EXIST/BOY WHAT AN INCREDIBLE EXPERIENCE thingie - breath now and then to connect to myself – and allow allow allow. I know things again will change a lot in my life like after I did “The Master’s Life Part 5 – Ahmyo”.
In case you wonder: The information in the class is interesting, inspiring and enlightening. But it pales with regard to the feeling/experiencing/sensing/being transformed part (and that from an information junkie).
If you are committed to you Realization I can sum up the class in two words: A must. If you are not committed: Don’t do it.
If this review seems a little confusing and you have the feeling the author is a bit addle-brained, out of focus, out of her mind: Yeah, that’s right. You will understand afterwards.
I write this review because I am part of the product review team. I did not pay for the online class.

“Dein Leben wird nie mehr dasselbe sein“ ist eins der Dinge, die Adamus in diesem Kurs sagt. Und ich glaube ihm. Alle Crimson Circle Kurse sind transformierend. Aber einige sind Wendepunkte – hinterher bist Du in einer völlig neuen Richtung unterwegs. Ich habe so ein Bauchgefühl, dass dies ein solcher Wendepunkt ist.
Bitte nimm den Rat über das vorherige Anhören von “The Master’s Life Part 6” ernst. Räume auf bevor Du mit dem „I am Creation“ Kurs beginnst. Es wird sowieso einige „Aufräum“-Erfahrungen geben und ich habe das Gefühl, wenn Du dieses Semianr nicht ernst nimmst oder Ego Zeug mitbringst, dann könnte es weh tun.
Und wenn Du bereit bist, diesen Schritt zu tun: Bereite Dich auf eine Whoa-Erfahrung vor. Ich habe keine Ahnung, was genau sich verändert hat. Aber es hat sich etwas in mir verändert und es verändert sich noch and das ist eindrucksvoll und verblüffend und macht mich auch ein bisschen nervös (und sehr sehr neugierig, was hinter der nächsten Ecke liegt).
Wie immer musst Du nichts tun: Nur Dein altes Zeug loslassen, zuhören und erlauben.
Die Erfahrung mit “I am Creation“ ist schwer zu beschreiben. Ich habe viel erlebt und gefühlt und für das meiste davon habe ich keine Worte. Die wunderbare Energie (die irgendwie während „Master’s Life Part 5 – Ahmyo” angeschaltet wurde), war die meiste Zeit wieder da. Ich habe zeitweise starke Angst gespürt – I glaube, ein Teil von mir weiß, dass ich mich mitten ein einer großen Veränderung befinde. Es ist, was ich gewählt habe – aber es macht mir trotzdem Angst. An einem Tag war mein Antrieb komplett weg. Nichts hat eine Rolle gespielt, nichts hat Freude gemacht oder mich inspiriert – als wäre alles zu einem kompletten Ende gekommen. Ich war oft verwirrt, noch unfokussierter als sonst, habe die schöne Energie während der Sessions sehr genossen, habe nichts verstanden, habe genau verstanden (und war das erste Mal über diesen Widerspruch nicht verwirrt) und bin auch das erste Mal dem Rat gefolgt, mir jede Session mehrmals anzuhören (normalerweise finde ich das zu langweilig – aber irgendwie wusste ich dieses Mal, dass es wichtig ist). Und eine Pause zu machen zwischen den ersten und den letzten Sessions.
Ich habe das Gefühl, ich verstehe „Schöpfung“ tiefgreifender. Ich bin entspannter als vorher. Ich muss nichts tun – nur das Leben genießen – mich mit dem ICH BIN/ICH EXISTIERE/JUNGE WAS FÜR EINE UNGLAUBLICHE ERFAHRUNG Dings verbinden – ab und zu atmen, um mich mit mir selbst rückzuverbinden – und erlauben erlauben erlauben. I weiß, dass sich die Dinge in meinem Leben wieder stark ändern werden genau wie nach “The Master’s Life Part 5 – Ahmyo”.
Falls Du Dich das fragst: Die Information im Kurs ist interessant, inspirierend und aufschlussreich. Aber sie verblasst im Vergleich zum Fühlen/Erfahren/Spüren/Transformiert-Werden-Teil (und das von einem Informations-Junkie).
Wenn Du es mit Deiner Realisierung ernst meinst, dann kann ich den Kurs in zwei Worten zusammenfassen: Ein Muss. Wenn Du es nicht ernst meinst, dann mache den Kurs nicht.
Wenn dieser Review etwas verwirrend wirkt und Du das Gefühl hast, die Autorin ist ein bisschen dusslig, unfokussiert, verrückt: Jawohl, das ist richtig. Du verstehst das nach dem Kurs.
Ich schreibe dies als Mitglied des Produkt-Bewertungs-Teams. Der Kurs war für mich kostenlos.

Review by Silke Steininger / (Posted on 6/10/2018)
“The Master’s Life Part 7 – I Am Creation” is recommended all in from me. I enjoy life so much and do not want to be realized too soon
The Master’s Life Part 7 – I Am Creation
ML 7 – I Am Creation is indeed an awesome and deep message from Saint Germain (The first 7 sessions) and Adamus (last session). I fully understand why it is strongly recommended to hear/watch the first 5 channelings, then take a break of one week and continue with the last 3.
Saint Germain asks: “Are you really ready?” “Are you ready?” Are you ready?”
To be able to benefit from the depth of these channelings you must be willing to let go of “old stuff;” go deep into the full understanding and feeling of the “I AM” – “I Exist.” Let the Human and the Master be within together by integrating “Wisdom.” Feel into being in “The Now Future.” Understand what “Energy” really is and what it is not. And let yourself feel “The Awe of Creation.”
All is done without effort, no use of power. Opening up and allowing is all it takes. Allow all energies to serve you. Enjoy your creation, dive deep into your creation, feel the joy, create, feel the joy of the “I AM,” create …
I have enjoyed going into this process. And I have had some “funny” experiences along the way, too:
My camera`s electronics has broken down, 2 of my PCs have been closing down; I have troubles with our router, IP address is making it difficult to reach our internet site …
Apart from this I feel fine, more aware and present … Although I must say that I was dizzy this morning, put water in the coffee machine without removing the lid first, so water came where it should not … In short: I feel “normal.”
AND believe it or not: Saint Germain is planning to come out with Master`s Life 8, soon!
“The Master’s Life Part 7 – I Am Creation” is recommended all in from me. I enjoy life so much and do not want to be realized too soon
Review by IAMAI / (Posted on 6/5/2018)
Deep experiences beyond words. Meeting myself.
More than anything, this cloud class is about experiencing. Experiencing YOU. You go so deep within, meeting yourself at the deepest / highest level. Almost impossible to put into words, because you go beyond the mind.
I can share a little of my experiences: In the second session St. Germain talks about Wisdom. As Adamus has also said in the shouds, The Master is the wisdom. The essence of all our experiences in all of our lifetimes. I have had a feeling of it before, but in this session, he guides us in a merabh through an experience that so clearly shows the difference between how the Master perceives an experience so very sensual, while the human only sees the drama and the trauma.
Wow, just “think” how your life will change, if you start seeing life through the eyes of the Master!
Most of each session is a merabh, where he takes us to a twilight dessert. In this beautiful landscape the experiences start. For each time, I heard it, it became more and more joyful to be there. Like a kind of home. One of the beautiful moments to me, was the experience of the Now Future. When the potentials of the future floated towards me. I don’t have to go there, it comes to me. Already Tobias talked about, you have already ascended. How do want to experience getting there? I never really understood what he meant at that time. But here it became clear: to go out of the linear timeframe and allow and receive.
In the last Shoud (June 2nd) Adamus talked of letting the energy serve us. Actually, challenged us, if we want to continue. In one of the sessions in ML 7, he goes much deeper in the understanding of energy. Asking us to feel and maybe hear the energy coming from the I AM. Our own energy, each one of us. It was so beautiful. I feel, when I can open up and receive that, I don’t need to get energy from anybody else. It’s mine at the highest level, and how could I be afraid of the I AM?
When you have watched the first 5 sessions, you are asked to take a break of at least one week, before you continue with the last 3. To have time to integrate. When I have listened to other cloud classes, I have mostly been able to listen to them one session a day until I was done. But certainly not this time. To me time between each session was needed, and also to watch it more than once. You surely benefit from having access to the videos for 90 days! I know I will want to watch it again.
In the last 3 sessions St. Germain (and Adamus in the last one, telling a new one of his wonderful stories of the Master on the park bench) guides us to experience creation. I don’t feel I can share my experiences yet. Just say, it is so beautiful.
I can’t recommend this cloud class enough. It is so profound and beautiful. I would also like to mention the graphic. It is always beautiful, what comes from CC, but this one is very special.
Thank you from the depth of my heart, dear St. Germain, Adamus, Geoff and Linda and the whole CC staff for bringing this beautiful message forward!
Review by Anne Maribo Andersen / (Posted on 6/5/2018)
This is something real new, a big step in our way to Realization.
This is the most profound and sweet experience I had in years. I am still in awe with this amazing cloud class. The overwhelming love that comes from Saint-Germain, really help us to go forward, realeasing old concepts and diving deep into endless experience. This is something real new, a big step in our way to Realization. It really defies the mind for it is completely beyond words. I feel so grateful to myself (and St.G) for beeing able to participate and fully apreciate this amazing cloud class!
Review by placidia maria espinha / (Posted on 5/30/2018)
the most important experience, perhaps
The experience with many potentials that can be felt and allowed, and for me it was like feeling, feeling and allowing and then again. This time the AHA moments where much like in the feelings, not so much in the mind and just keeping to go beyond the mind and into the deep feelings. Can this be the most important experience? Perhaps, but I also let everyone to decide if it is so. For me it is for sure.
After some time, the mind starts to adapt and bring some words, but the experience is into feeling and integrating. So, for me it was interesting to observe that after the choice of going through the first part, the activities in outside world started to make the time available to just do that and, before I started to count, I already was going through each channel 3 times, just feeling and experiencing everything. That means, I got to 3 times because at the third I was feeling like I was in a type of balanced way viewing again, observing some releases and changes in the perception and at the mind level… so, now I can say that the release of old concepts about creation and why we are here it’s really not a joke, it might happen in practical life. I did a pause of 8 days before getting into the next sequence, but all the feelings from the first segment where just echoing everyday and everyway. Collateral experience was that an unxpected presentation of SES class was going on from me and my friend Anca and it was also a type of being aware that it’s not random, but just to see that SES with update leads directly to this point of part 7 in The Master’s Life – just observing how connected are these things. The second part was also like … at least 3 times, and, it is also with deep feelings and making way in time for access it with ease.
As much as I like to read about pieces of wisdom from this material on FB sometimes, I considered that the personal experience and feelings should not be diminished by my sayings, just saying that the experience is important. Because it requires a lot of maturity to get to the I Am Creation, just feel and allow for you what’s right or feels right. And feeling into The Living I Am … also brings some changes, I assume.
Now I can say that I truly appreciate also the details – the filming / exceptional, lights, presentation, the segment from beginning and end representing the words of St. Germain, and I understand that it was not an easy task to do that, so big thank you to Geoffrey, Linda and all Crimson Circle staff for this artwork along with Saint-Germain and the deep experience that he is guiding us in.
So, highly recommended if you want that kind of feeling experience… and feeling deeply into yourself.

Viața Maestrului Partea 7: Eu Sunt Creația
Experiența cu multe potențiale care pot fi simțite și permise și, pentru mine, a fost de genul simțire, simțire și permitere și, apoi, din nou. De data aceasta momentele AHA au fost mai mult la nivel de simțiri, nu prea mult în minte și doar continuând dincolo de minte și în simțiri profunde. Poate fi aceasta cea mai importantă experiență? Probabil, însă las pe fiecare să decidă pentru sine. Pentru mine este cu siguranță.
După ceva vreme, mintea a început să se adapteze și sî aducă câteva cuvinte, îmnsă experiența este de a merge în simțiri și integrare. Așa că, pentru mine a fost interesant de observat că după alegerea de a parcurge materialul în prima parte, activitățile din lumea exterioară au început să-mi facă timpul disponibil tocmai pentru a face asta și, înainte să încep să număr, deja am trecut de 3 ori prin material, doar simțind și experimentând. Ce vreau să spun este că am trecut de 3 ori pentru că abia a treia oară am simțit un fel de echilibru în timp ce mă uitam la material din nou, observând câteva eliberări și schimbări ale percepției și la nivelul minții... deci, acum pot spune că eliberarea vechilor concepte despre creație și de ce suntem aici nu sunt chiar o glumă, se poate întâmpla în viața practică. Am făcut o pauză de 8 zile înainte să accesez următorul segment, însă toate simțirile din primul segment erau ca un ecou în fiecare zi și în fiecare fel posibil. O experiență colaterală a fost o neașteptată prezentare a Școlii SES cu prietena mea Anca și a fost, de asemenea, din categoria neîntâmplător, doar pentru a vedea că SES cu update conduce direct către acest punct al părții 7 din Viața Maestrului – doar observ cum sunt conectate aceste lucruri. A doua parte a fost de asemenea cam... de trei ori și a fost însoțită de asemenea de simțiri profunde și cu a face loc pentru a le parcurge în timp cu ușurință.
Pe cât de mult îmi place să citesc fragmente de înțelepciune din acest material pe FB uneori, am considerat că experiența personală și simțirile nu ar trebui să fie diminuate de ceea ce scriu, doar menționez că experiența este importantă. Pentru că necesită multă maturitate să ajungi la Eu Sunt Creația, doar simțiți și permiteți ce este potrivit pentru voi. Și simțirea în Eu Sunt care trăiește ... de asemenea aduce ceva schimbări, asum.
Acum pot spune că apreciez cu adevărat de asemenea detaliile – filmarea / excepțională, luminile, prezentarea, segmentele de la început și de la sfârșit reprezentând cuvintele lui St. Germain și înțeleg că nu a fost ușor de realizat, așa că adresez multe mulțumiri lui Geoffrey, Linda și tuturor celor din echipa Cirmson Circle pentru această capodoperă împreună cu Saint-Germain și experiențele profunde prin care care ne conduce.
Deci, recomand această experiență pentru cei care vor să simtă, mai ales să se simtă.
Review by Florin Ilie / (Posted on 5/15/2018)
I Am here. And I can share about this Master´s Life Part 7 that it is indeed a very personal experience. In Part I there I went through a lot of different feelings and experiences wich were all unique to me and sometimes I felt like being in a rollercoaster. That had to do with the caution The Beloved Saint-Germain gave to us about "only do go further into the next step when you are ready" and he, at the same time said: "you are ready". Of course I know that I am ready and after a week of integration of the first Part of this Master´s Life I felt: "Now I am ready to dive into Part II." And I did. After having gone through all of it I felt and still do feel waves of joy floating throughout my whole Being and the center of that joy flows in waves through my heart. Going hand in hand with that is the awareness that I always knew that "All is well in all of Creation" and that I don´t have to do anything and the feeling for any need to change a thing in my life is now a thing of the past. I am in joy much more often and deeply do enjoy just to be. And in my life everything is so beautiful now with this realization. It comes to me. Everything. Now, while writing this, a saying comes to my awareness: "Don´t dream your life. Instead live your Dreams." To this I only can say that I did and still do both. Both is true and now added: "What dreams may come......" and that one of my grandest dreams did come true by having allowed myself going through this experience of The Master´s Life Part 7-I Am Creation.
Review by Peter Suedkamp / (Posted on 5/13/2018)
The Experience of Master's Life Part 7, I Am Creation is why we're here!
Master’s Life 7 is the beloved St. Germain (for 7 of the 8 sessions).

Master’s Life 7 is more merabhs and experiences than any class we’ve done.

Master’s Life 7 is the “doorway” to the Realization-- I Am Creation, and I have now met myself within my Creation.

I Am Creation….This is what we came to this lifetime to experience.

Tobias, Kuthumi, and Adamus of St Germain have been walking and talking with us for nearly 2 decades that we might become aware that the Creator has always been here…...the Fruit of the Rose.

Now it all comes together perfectly; a personal journey to the twilight dessert of all experiences; the Creator has always been here within the Creation; in the Future Now, we meet; the experience of feeling self as Creation; Creation without agenda; the experience of the radiance of I Am touching energies, bringing them to life, to serve; no need for meaning; in the longing to BE within my own Light, I Am Creation is realized.

The Master’s Life Part 6 was crucial in preparation for this ML7 experience—no more causes and anger and unworthiness. And as St. Germain started ML7, he carefully explains that the first 5 sessions, I Exist, Wisdom, The Now Future, Energy, The Awe of Creation, are the experiences preparing us further for the experiences in the 3 final sessions, Creator within Creation, Realization, The Living I AM.

To use St Germain’s word, this class is simply a blissful experience.

Each of us will have a unique experience. Mine centered on 3 things. This was the most effortless, smooth, and sweet transition ever. It is the experience of the Realization that I Am Creation. He mentioned the longing we’ve had to be within the Light of our own self as Creator-- what a glorious resonance I had with that! And as he talked about the Now Future, the simple clarity came for me, that in Allowing the Now Future, I finally transcend time & space.

In essence, for me, the experience of The Master’s Life Part 7—I Am Creation, is the epitome of “Nothing changed, AND everything is different!” It’s, at the same time, the most subtle & sublime….and …..the most profound life fulfilling experience –
The Realization of the Simplicity, Beauty, Radiance, & Joy of
I Am Creation~~

Loving gratitude to St. Germain, Adamus, Tobias, Kuthumi, Geoff & Linda, the amazing CC staff, and all of us who showed up for this grandest of all experiences!
Review by Patti / (Posted on 5/5/2018)
Most beautiful and awesome core material
I'm in awe of my own creation - and so grateful that I gifted myself with this most beautiful material I ever experienced so far! Thank you so much Saint Germain, your presence brought me to tears, I felt myself like love incarnate. What a space, what amazing energies! What wisdom and depth! And the beautiful music and exquisite video-graphics are supportig the experience so well - it's a real synthesis of the arts. My gratitude to everyone involved in this amazing creation! I'm looking forward to continuing with the last three sessions after integrating the first five and I allow my sovereign energies to serve me with that. I earned AND I deserve my wings and now it's time to soar... :)
Review by Inanna / (Posted on 5/1/2018)