The Master’s Life Part 5 – Ahmyo

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•  Conscious every-day communion between human and Master
•  Allowing in wisdom, abundance, health, relationships, more
•  Cohabitating with the Master – is the human ready?
•  It changes the way energy serves you
•  Helping the Master understand the human
•  Ahmyo physics – it changes things
•  A deep experience of allowing Ahmyo

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The good life, the Master’s life…
The Master’s Life
Chapter 5 – Ahmyo
With Beloved St. Germain

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According to St. Germain, Ahmyo is the conscious every-day realization between human and Master, “The integration of the human and the divine, the Master and the student.” Ahmyo begins with your pre-awakening. You realize something is changing, it is exhilarating, then you move through the dark night of the soul which creates the momentum that brings you into Realization. It is about allowing, which brings release, wisdom and freedom, and it happens naturally. In Ahmyo, you accept responsibility for everything that comes to your door and that happens in your life and begin to understand the physics of true allowing.

In this comforting and inspiring presentation, St. Germain makes it clear that the Ahmyo life is not something to hope for in the future. It is happening now for those who are choosing their embodied enlightenment. In fact, the Ascended Masters who have come before are quite interested in this topic, for it is something they never truly experienced. There are a few challenges in the Ahmyo life, such as a more intimate experience of the Master. This may confuse the human and cause the mind to take credit for and try to manage the experience. But Ahmyo is a state of consciousness that cannot be manipulated.

NOTE: St. Germain recommends several presentations in conjunction with this Cloud Class. These include Ancestral FreedomThe Wound of Adam and the Sexual Energies School.

Session 1 – The Ahmyo Life
St. Germain begins by explaining what Ahmyo really is – the flowing, everyday relationship between Master and human – why it is now manifesting, and the importance of one’s integrity in accessing the material. He tells how you arrived at this place of Ahmyo, what it means to live the Ahmyo life, and how the soul’s deep wisdom is now finally available to the human.

Session 2 – Ahmyo and the Human (35:46)
Ahmyo is also called “The good life, the Master’s Life” for the embodied enlightened human. St. Germain compares living the old human life to a farmer having to toil in the field just to survive, where the Ahmyo life is having everything one needs simply appear without effort. This includes abundance, health, beneficial relationships and so much more. St. Germain also mentions a few challenges that might come up while adjusting to the continual presence of the Master, but they smooth out into a constant sense of ease and grace.

Session 3 – Ahmyo and the Master (25:26)

In this touching session, St. Germain speaks directly to the Master, reminding of the limitations, trials and challenges that the human has faced. He encourages the Master to have great compassion for the human, who might be resentful or even suspicious in the beginning, as they each learn to cohabitate together. Even though the human has been dreaming of this moment for eons of time, it is a big adjustment and might take a bit of time.

Session 4 – Ahmyo Physics (53:21)

After a brief discussion with Geoff & Linda as they begin the second day of recording, St. Germain begins by saying that this is not just the next step but the next era we are going through. He says, “The human may wonder at times, ‘Is it even possible to live life on this planet, absolutely in the Now moment, where everything you need comes to you at absolutely the perfect time?’” The answer, of course, is “Absolutely yes,” as he goes on to explain the physics of Ahmyo and how it actually works. Eventually one will find themselves living in multiple worlds as the human and the Master, together.

Session 5 – Ahmyo Merabh (25:47)

This final session is one long beautiful merabh where St. Germain helps one feel and connect with their own consciousness. He guides you in feeling TimeSpace move through, resting in the natural flow of life and simply allowing everything to come to you in service. “Energy serves the Master and the human now. Energy dances to your music, the music of your soul now. Energy goes to work for you. Take a deep breath and feel how it’s flowing from everywhere, from everything, flowing to you. Take a good deep breath into the Ahmyo Life and simply allow.

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: $125

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Beloved St. Germain

Geoffrey & Linda Hoppe

Recorded at the Crimson Circle Studio, Louisville, Colorado, August 2017

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A very personal experience, intense and with much information if you are in Allowing
In this cloud class I found clarity about next step, even next era as Saint Germain explains it, and this is available for those in the eve of their enlightenment (as it was in last Shoud mentioned) with some informational support to understand what they are going through.
So, it is a material where the Beloved Saint Germain brings information, in a bit different way than Adamus, because it is sacred and it represents more then just the next step. More so, he explains that is not the information that will take you into the next step, it is you that are already there (if you allow). To me it was that game of self-evaluating if I do it right or if it is working ... up to the point of going beyond any doubt in trust with myself. Each session is very intense and clear, while it is said is most information, there is more to that that affects the body and the mind and everything. Geoffrey suggested that you clear your schedule and make time for watching it (before getting into the channels), I completely agree and it should be taken as a sensitive advice.
Because of the experiences, I can say now, after some times going through the material that it is a good recommendation to see it more then once, after more than 40 days, going again to see it and feel it, it is more clarity about informational part, most of it integrated from the previous rounds, to the point that I didn’t remembered from where I know somethings, and getting again to watch it and finding a fresh kind of perspective, that brought some experiences for simplifying things and more allowing. I did participated in some of Ahmyo retraits before (now they seem like a preparation for now), but now it is something very specific explained and brought as an experience, especially the session 5, with the merabh that changes some perspectives about life on Earth.
In any case, just feel if it is right for yourself, otherwise, I do recommend it gladly.
Special thanks for this material to Belowed Saint Germain, Geoffrey, Linda and the CC staff making it possible for us/me (for sure).

O experiență foarte personală, intensă și cu multă informație dacă ești în Permitere
În acest curs cloud am găsit claitate despre următorul pas, chiar despre următoarea eră așa cum explică Saint Germain și acesta este disponibil pentru cei care sunt în punctul de trecere în iluminarea lor (așa cum a fost menționat în ultimul Shoud) cu sprijin informațional pentru a înțelege prin ce trec.
Deci este un material în care Preaiubitul Saint Germain aduce informație, ușor diferit față de Adamus, pentru că este sacră și reprezintă mai mult decât următorul pas. Mai mult decât atât, el explică faptul că nu este informația care te va face să mergi în următorul pas, tu ești cel care este deja acolo (dacă permiți). Pentru mine a fost și acel joc de auto-evaluare dacă o fac bine sau dacă funcționează... până la punctul de a trece dincolo de orice îndoilaă în încredere față de mine însumi. Fiecare sesiune este foarte intensă și clară, iar în timp ce se spune că este în majoritate informație, există mai mult de atât care afectează corpul și mintea și orice altceva. Geoffrey a sugerat să vă faceți timp și să eliberați orice din program pentru a viziona materialul (înainte să intre în channel), și sunt complet de acord și ar trebui să fie luat în considerare acest sfat.
Datorită experiențelor, pot spune acum, după trecerea de câteva ori prin material că este o bună recomandare să îl vedeți de mai multe ori, după mai mult de 40 de zile, trecând din nou să-l revăd și să-l simt, este mai multă claritate despre partea informațională, mare parte din aceasta este integrată din sesiunile anterioare până la punctul că nu-mi mai aminteam de unde știu anumite lucruri, iar trecerea din nou a adus o perspectivă proaspătă, chiar și experiențe pentru a simplifica și mai multă permitere. Am participat la unele retrait-uri Ahmyo anterioare (care par a fi doar o pregătire acum), însă acum este ceva foarte clar explicat și adus ca experiență, în special în sesiunea 5, cu merabh-ul care schimbă anumite perspective legate de viața pe Pământ.
În orice caz, doar simțiți dacă este în regulă pentru dvs., altfel, recomand acest ,aterial cu căldură.
Mulțumiri speciale pentru acest material Preaiubitului Saint Germain, Geoffrey, Linda și echipei CC pentru a face acest material disponibil pentru noi/mine (cu siguranță).
Review by Florin Ilie / (Posted on 10/20/2017)
Are we there, yet, Shaumbra?
Master Life 5 - The Ahmyo Life is a short, sweet, and very clear message from Saint Germain that we are at the point of allowing a good life into our reality. It stands on its own even though Saint Germain mentioned few additional workshops.
For example, New Energy Synchrotize as an early introduction to Ahmyo life. He also mentioned SES, Simple Master, Ancestral Freedom, Wound of Adam - those bring understanding how all of that brought us to the point of Ahmyo. And for the first time he opened up for questions that we can submit by the end of October with a promise of additional recorded session.

This 5th chapter of Master Life brings to awareness and puts in words ideas of this good life, how it could look like when we allow our master self, our wisdom into our human reality. When master brings New Energy into life. Master and human cohabiting; Master’s wisdom and human heart in the same reality. Life without internal fighting, without wars with ourselves. In acceptance of all of reality. In allowing and in And. Limited and conditioned human needs reminders to let go of life of struggles and survival.

I attended the Ahmyo retreat in beautiful Monterigioni in Italy 2 years back. My human self still struggles sometimes with the fact how easy things can come to my life and needs reminder to just enjoy! Oh, Life “At your pleasure”.

It brings me joy to see that we as Shaumbra at large and not just small groups tucked away in the country side somewhere in Tuscany are ready for this concept.

Review by Iwona / (Posted on 10/15/2017)
It's happening - weeee :p
Review The Master’s Life Part 5 – Ahmyo
German translation below.
I write this review because I am part of the product review team. I did not pay for the class.
“The Master’s Life Part 5 – Ahmyo” is different than the other parts of the Master’s series. Probably it’s because the Beloved St. Germainis is channeled (not Adamus). I could feel a strong beautiful energy during the whole class in my body. Like in the old days I had to reread all the sessions after hearing them because my mind spaced-out frequently and missed parts and pieces of the information. Even during reading I immediately felt the energy again. I am not used to this – normally I can only consciously connect to the energy while listening. When I reconnected to the things I had heard in a session (in the evening, when reflecting on it) it was there again. Now, as I am writing, it is there again (if not as strong as while listening).
Another thing that was different is the intention: It’s “only” information about what is happening anyway. It was like reading the menu of a delicious dinner that will happen in the evening (or is happening right now). It wetted the appetite and increased the anticipation: Wow – this is coming? – Cooooool.
And you actually start to believe it.
Since it’s introduction the term “Ahmyo” drew me and delighted me. It’s a name for something Adamus and Tobias have been talking about for a long time. Part of me immediately knew: This is true, this is it, it’s so easy. AND part of me does not believe. Does not dare. Really – this easy??! – For me??! Must be a fairytale.
“The Master’s Life Part 5 – Ahmyo” is not doing it for you. It describes what is happening to you. It’s like reading the gift wrapper of a wonderful present you get at christmas. Wait till you open me up – this is waiting for you. And the present you already have in your lap (or is already unfolding in your life).
So - “The Master’s Life Part 5 – Ahmyo” is not doing it for you. It’s happening if you listen to these sessions or not. What does this part of “Master’s Life” *do* then?
I don’t believe it’s only about giving us information. It was a huge wave of energy and I am damn sure it changed stuff inside me. I guess it was easier to believe: Yes, it’s true, it’s happening. *This* is the normal life for us (the good life – where everything comes to you). And when I have an easier time believing it I am more in the Ahmyo state. I had some very nice experiences during the class (of the receiving kind – or the daring to receive kind – or the “oh no I missed it and then making the experience I did not miss it but did get it after all” kind). Very interesting and enjoyable.
I watch myself and realize it’s easier for me to allow since the class. My control freak part is still there but not so often at the steering wheel anymore. I am more in the state of mind (consciousness) of curiously watching what is happening. And trusting: It’s perfect for me.
There is some anxiousness too since some of the gifts I received led to new experiences that I am scared of (giving a new type of workshop which is paid very very well – but well – it’s *new* - can I do it? Uh oh. Did I sign up for this? Will I be able to deliver? I want to run and hide).
Review by Silke Steininger / (Posted on 10/13/2017)
When the Dream come true – we bring in the wisdom of the Soul
This 5th part of the Master’s Life Series had a really familiar and cozy energy and a true opening and relaxing effect caused by the energy of Beloved St. German.

In the first part of this class St. German kindly reminded us to our whole Journey which started with our pre-awakening, etc. until we reached that point of threshold until we reached that point when we would be able to choose to bring our 100% of Master self into our life. “It is the next step when the 100% Master and the 100% Human live and operate together and both are conscious and aware of each other.”

Then St.G. explained the differences of the Old Energy Dynamics and the New Energy Dynamics. He explicated how each of them worked in daily life and what their typical characteristics were. He also referred the Synchrotize material because in Ahmyo life we had to step beyond the beliefs of our Human self. (Our Master Self hasn’t had those belief systems that our Human Self has had. It has its wisdom: the wisdom of the Soul.) Because we are the Creator of our own reality and NES is all about how we can do it. I encourage everyone to get to know more about the Synchrotize system who don't do yet. I like Synchrotize so much. It was a confirmation for me to hear this recommendation.

Then St.G. made a really touching session to our Master Self, but I could say that our Human Self also received those messages. During this session, we could be able to see those things (how and why our Human Self was acting like normally did) from the observer’s point of view, from behind the short wall. Then St. G. explained all the details of Ahmyo life. He gave us useful insights about how we could be able to operate in multiple dimensions and be in the Now moment at the same time; and how we could be able to handle all the voices of our aspects in our had. It was really helpful and touching session.

Yes. I liked so much this 5th Class of the Master’s Life because in this class St. German put the cherry on the top of the cake. It was so perfect. It clarified everything, all peace of the puzzle become settled. In this class, I have recognized the true meaning of Ahmyo. It was I wanted so much and it took so long. All my life I’ve been waiting for Ahmyo life. I have been starting this whole Journey of Spiritual Awakening, of Enlightening and of Ahmyo because of this inner feeling, inner knowingness of the Amhyo life. And right now I’m behind the start line of this. When the Human and the Master lives in co-habitation. When we bring this Master part of us to live with us forever. When we bring the wisdom of the Soul into our life everything simply appears effortlessly in our life, everything comes to us, everything is serving us just because our Master part allows it.

So, if you are ready to your own quantum leap you can choose it and give an amazing gift to yourself before the last step of your Journey to your Ahmyo life.
Review by Timea / (Posted on 9/27/2017)
I recommend this class; it contains the very pure energy that makes it possible to make changes in my life without thinking about it. This is the distilled energy from many other classes…
The Master’s Life Chapter 5 – Ahmyo.
Now that it is a few weeks ago I listened to these sessions with St. Germain, I`m still amazed and feeling the energies from the channelings. As you can read in the comments about the class in the store, it is all about the integration of the human and the divine, the relationship between these which leads to the state of Ahmyo, a life of ease and grace.
I have said this before, but I will do it again: The simpler the message, the stronger the effect… and I really felt it this time. For several days, I felt dizzy in between and had other unknown sensations in my body of consciousness; and it was not because of having enjoyed redwine
Review by IAMAI / (Posted on 9/26/2017)
Touched me so deep on a feeling level. A very special energy. I highly recommend it!
Having watched the four previous Masters’ Life, I really had some expectations to this one. And I was certainly not disappointed! To me, it was one of these “Wow” experiences. So much on a feeling level, so it’s not so easy to put into words. Never the less, I’ll try.
An important difference from most other classes and events is, that it’s not Adamus being channeled, but Saint Germain. He explains why in the beginning: He wants to be clear, without all the distractions and entertainment that his facet, Adamus, mostly perform. He wants to communicate directly from his essence, Saint Germain; from his heart to our hearts. And he certainly does!
All the sessions (5 of them) are short. About half an hour, except one of almost one hour. All the time he is very clear and precise. He describes the Ahmyo life, how it is so very different from what we have experienced before. Instead of working hard to achieve something, it’s about allowing it to manifest. Let it come to you. Of course, we have heard it before, but the feeling…
An example is the old way of growing crops on a field with a horse and a plow. A hard work and not always providing enough food for the winter. Within the Ahmyo life you are just standing in the field and watching the abundance of the earth, showing itself on the field. It’s just there! And the same goes for all other aspects of life.
Interesting is also that he explains, how the Synchrotize School he made 10 or more years ago, was a kind of beginning of the Ahmyo way of living. In these schools, you begin to see, how you create your own reality landscape. Meaning, to take ownership for everything in your life. You created it!
He talks about that in the Ahmyo Life, you not only create / choose how to respond to what comes to your front door – as Tobias talked about – but you understand that YOU created what actually arrived.
Another point he mentioned, is the importance of having the proper energy exchange with CC, when watching the material. Meaning that you actually pay for it. He has asked that the price is less than for the other Masters’ Life, so he asks us to honor that. He even warns us, if we don’t, the material may have an effect like described in “The Red Lion”. Here the student steals an elixir from his master and drinks it, throwing him into a living hell for several incarnations.
To me it also makes sense, because if you think you have to cheat or steal to get something, you are really not honoring yourself. It’s kind of feeling worthless. I guess most of us, at some point, have tried it, perhaps as kids, and the feeling I remember, was not being happy with myself afterwards!
The Ahmyo Life is the good life. He mentions that several times. And at the same time, we are not going through the process of embodied realization, just to have a better human life. That is the side effect, and what should help us stay in the body, and not just pop out.
One of the sessions is “Ahmyo and the Human”. Here he talks directly to our human self. Reassuring, helping us to understand the whole process we are going through. I love the way, he puts it into words, explains and encourages us also to feel it.
The session that touched me the most was “Ahmyo and the Master”. He talks to the Master, explains why the human sometimes do things that seems very strange to the Master. How the human self can go back to some of its old ways, and not trusting the Master. Saint Germain shows so much compassion for the human, and understanding of the challenge it is for the human to make this shift – that the Master not really understands, because the point of view is so totally different. That touched me deeply.
In a way, I didn’t hear much that I hadn’t hear before in shouds, Keahak or workshops. But what makes this Masters Life 5 so special is the whole energy that is conveyed. It is so deep. Often when I watch a cloud class, I will watch 2 or 3 sessions a day. With this one, only one a day – and after, rest for some time and then out to get some fresh air. And still feeling a bit disoriented… I am still integrating.
I can only recommend watching Masters Life 5!
Review by Anne Maribo Andersen / (Posted on 9/19/2017)
Living as a Master
In the Master’s Life - Ahmyo Cloud Class, Saint Germain helps us understand what we are going through as humans on the path to enlightenment. He tells us we will discover a new relationship with our Master Self and experience changes as the energy begins to flow differently in our lives.

This information spoke to the mind beneath my mind, and helped me let go of old patterns of control. It helped me release my fear of change - real change, big change - and truly allow.

This Cloud Class is something you should take only when you are ready to change everything and allow energy to come to you without resisting it. It is about allowing everything to serve you. When humans are ready for Ahmyo, they accept responsibility for all their past creations and can now receive the soul’s wisdom. How will we be with this new energy physics, allow, trust, and own our brilliance as creators? I realize that when I can just allow and not put too much focus on the things I want or need, they just show up. They are given to me in perfect timing. This is the Ahmyo life.
Review by Joe / (Posted on 9/18/2017)
WOW - This puts energy in motion!
The Master’s Life Five Cloud Class (Ahmyo) offers a sweet and potent experience. I loved that the message came through the purity of Saint Germain. It suited the simplicity of Ahmyo’s profound content.

As I progressed through the material, I found I wanted to listen to each session multiple times. While the words were beautiful, it was the energy behind the messages and the radiance of Saint Germain’s presence that wove deeply into my heart. Several times I experienced very tender emotions, particularly as he spoke to the Master about the conditioning that results from the human journey and the human’s brave willingness to open and to trust.

Since watching the sessions, I have felt energy moving swiftly through my body. Old emotional and physical wounds were triggered once again for deeper cleansing and healing. I realized I was able to release my need to control the flow more fully and simply relax into it.

This information was perfectly timed. Now that the Master is in the house, the shift in my energy designs is palpable. I can now allow everything to be of service to me in a way I could not before.

This is a profound Cloud Class. It is a sacred experience. In order for one to embrace the flow with grace, it is important to take total accountability for all creations and surrender fully into the radiance of the I AM. These, in my opinion, are necessary prerequisites for participation, or chaos may result. I know I was challenged to let go of patterns that I did not realize I was hanging on to so tightly.

Feeling this moment of grace and flow finally arrive in my life is so very special. I will be sitting with this information and marveling at my creation for many days I suspect. There is so much beauty here, and it is such a privilege to live the Ahmyo life on this precious planet and land it here as a potential for others.
Review by Donna / (Posted on 9/11/2017)
Choosing The Good Life
This chapter of The Master’s Life was one of my favorites of the series. I’ve always enjoyed when St. Germain presents, and although the sessions were a bit shorter than in others, there was a lot of information, and also an abundance of beautiful energies to enjoy.

Part of the first session reminded me somewhat of a section of DreamWalker Ascension where Adamus talked about the four stages of ascension. They have remained in my awareness since the school was first channeled. As a teacher, I always loved presenting that part as it gave those attending the opportunity to reflect on these stages and how they experienced them in their lives. In The Master’s Life 5 - Ahymo when St. Germain described the different phases that we have experienced in this lifetime, it was also a beautiful invitation to feel into each phase and how we have created them. It gives us the opportunity to not only reflect on this lifetime, but to do so in great compassion.

Ahymo was introduced some time ago, but I never fully understood it until after I listened to this chapter of the Master’s Life. St. Germain explains from every angle what it means to be in Ahymo. It is a state of being that we are absolutely ready for! And it will change everything as it has implications for the human and the Master in this new energy relationship. Energies will work very differently in Ahymo, and all that we have done leading up to this has prepared us for The Good Life.

We are reminded that Ahymo has been part of the dream since Atlantis. Those words bring tears to my eyes as I can feel the depth of that dream and such joy as we are now stepping into this next era. It’s here, all for the choosing!
Review by Kathleen Haws / (Posted on 9/9/2017)
I really have just one word after watching Master’s Life 5: Aaaahhh....... (accompanied by the sound of a long, deep, relaxing exhale).

Does it feel to you like we Shaumbra are finally bringing it all together? It does to me, and that is the essence of this beautiful program. Ahmyo, the good life. Ahmyo, the life of grace and ease. Ahmyo, the master and human together. Ahmyo, the total trust of self...

I’ve already been experiencing it in my life, even as my mind screams about not knowing what the future holds or how I will take care of myself this time. This program was just what I needed to help my mind relax and to confirm what I already knew: that it’s okay to be in the unknown, because Master is here now, and where Master and Human come together everything always works out.

I watched this entire program the very first evening it was available, and the only thing I could say was, “Ah, how perfect. How beautiful. What a comforting acknowledgement of where we have come in our journey!” Even the third channel, where Saint Germain bypasses the human to speak directly to the master, is perhaps the most comforting and affirming message this human has ever received.

The next day I went back to watch again, and it took more than a week, because each channel knocked me right out so all I could do afterward was sleep. The energies in this short little class are that profound, that special, and I will never be the same again.

If you’re just looking for new information or new ways to get your life under control, you won’t find it here. The message is the same as it has been for the entire 18 years of the Crimson Circle: Allow, allow, allow. If you are ready to let go of control and actually allow, then this beautiful, simple Cloud Class brings it all together in a way that has not been possible before now. Welcome to the Good Life!
Review by John / (Posted on 9/8/2017)
The Easy Life is Here!

“Is it possible to live on this planet without a lot of the old issues?”
“Is it possible to live absolutely in the Now moment, where everything you need comes to you at absolutely the perfect time?”
“Is it possible to live the synchronous life?
If your answer is yes, you are ready for the Amyho life! Do I need to ask you three times?
Yes, yes AND hell yes!
This is it Shaumbra. Truly. A point of transition and the next era in embodied Mastery. Master’s Life 5 – Amyho is here and brought to us by the beloved St. Germain who doesn’t joke around in this new cloud class. Serious and sacred, he says everything we have done in Crimson Circle from the days of Tobias has brought us here now to this point. If you a ready…
Amyho is new. The ascended Masters of the past left when they reached enlightenment As embodied Masters we are choosing to stay AND play on the planet. So what does that look like? Certainly not struggling to survive but rather living an abundant life with ease and grace. The good life. The life of the Master! This is the next evolution of embodied Mastery.
Amyho is the new state of relationship between the divine Master and the human. Since we’re finally allowing the Master in to our lives, we are now ready for the energies to shift. This is the next step we’ve been waiting for! If you’re like me you’ve been already experiencing a lot more ease and grace in your life but can this be our constant state of being?
In Master’s Life 5, St. Germain explains exactly why this is happening now and the simple physics behind how “all energy serves us”. Not only do we dance with what comes to the door, we learn that we sent the dancing partner! We are the creator of it ALL, not just the reactor. And finally our human is ready to accept this responsibility for the whole story. Whew!
I love how he explains how energy now works differently once our human allows as do time and space moving through us as we are in our Mastery. Of course abundance, vitality, and joyful relationships will come to us in this space when we are plugged in differently! It’s not a thing we manipulate, but our very being and consciousness that attract the changes. It’s not magic, it’s mastery.
Gone are the old new age ways of visualization, affirmations, treasure mapping and goal setting… There is no power and effort in the Amyho life, only a reality far grander than we could think up! It just comes to us in a way the mind will never understand…
I am so excited about this new cloud class that you can possibly feel these words dancing! I’m grateful for creating the gift of this perfect Amyho message at my door at the perfect time! Why not allow it to come to yours? If you are ready…
“Nobody will ever do without, unless they choose to.’ - St. Germain ML5

Review by Tammie O / (Posted on 9/6/2017)
Live the Good Life.....Live the Ahmyo Life!
Master’s Life 5….Ahmyo

Pure St. Germain; pure essence; pure Love, and a lovely explanation of why St G refers to himself as “The Beloved St Germain”……because he allowed the pure love of self, thus allowing the melding of Human and Divine/Master.

The 5 sessions are a constant invitation to embody that love as we move into the next evolution in our embodied mastery…..Living the Good Life…..Living the Ahmyo Life…….Human co-habitating with the Master in day to day life.

And he is clear to say that this is not simply a next step, but a next and new era!

St Germain said to write Ahmyo with a capital A. It is sacred; it is a name, a place, a state of being, and it is New. He talks lovingly to our Master Self, explaining all that we’ve been through as humans, assuring the Master that we do come fully to the awareness of being Human AND Master. He explains the physics of the changes and transitions and expansions we’re experiencing. He answers questions (that he anticipated we’d ask), and he leads us in a Merabh of Ahmyo, allowing the shift in consciousness to move past “working” to bring energies to us to fully allowing everything to simply come to us.

He noted several times that this is no longer the dream, but the day to day reality of now living in many worlds as many facets and dimensions are coming into the consciousness of our everyday lives.

The main difference, he explains, is that you, as consciousness, are the constant, and all of life is moving around and coming to you. We are no longer working our way through time/space.

Now it is time to Celebrate! Celebrate leaving the limits of the old and the human, and simply Celebrate Life!
The love and clarity are palpable. The sessions are inspiring and re-assuring.

Ahmyo is a state of BEing, and St Germain reminds us,
“We are Ahmyo.”

Review by Patti / (Posted on 9/5/2017)