Wound of Adam

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•  Unique roles of masculine and feminine
•  Isis’ failure, Adam’s heartbreak
•  From the Order of the Arc to now
•  The discovery of love
•  The deepest wound (that still hurts)
•  Ultimate reunion – it changes everything


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The Wound of Adam
A tragedy of sorts; a love story of sorts 

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This is a story of our human origins. It begins at the Order of the Arc, goes through our evolution on Planet Earth up till our modern day, based on the ancient duality of masculine/feminine energies. It is a story of profound love, loss and ultimate reunion; and it will bring deep understanding of self, other people, and the challenges faced by humanity. Adamus talks about the archetypal energies of Adam Cadmon and Isis, how they bonded into carbon form, and how they have been playing out on Earth. He explains why men are so interested in sex but also suffer from impotence, the hidden dynamics of prostitution, and the healing found in the safe space of Theos.

With exquisite compassion and understanding, Adamus depicts the struggles and triumphs of Isis and Adam – the discovery of love, the desire to protect, how love was first experienced – and by whom – and the ultimate opening to love of self.

Adamus’ story begins at the Order of the Arc when Isis, in pain and grief, falls into a deep, unfathomable sleep. Sensing the loss of his beloved Isis, Adam embarks on a desperate and heroic mission, trying to reach and awaken her. What follows is the grandest love story ever told, and yet it also brings Adam to the greatest tragedy he’s ever known.

Adam’s deep love for Isis, though crushed beneath tremendous heartbreak, causes him to try ever harder to win the reunion. Over the ages this effort manifests in countless ways, from domination and control to resignation and surrender. It explains so many experiences in human history, from the male representation of God all the way to the current political scene.

These dramas and struggles are playing out within each individual’s masculine and feminine energy as well, sometimes creating great confusion and despair. However, the inevitable resolution will bring almost unbelievable changes.

The Adam energy has a specific template, and Adamus talks about the unique ways it is manifesting now among modern men, whether the warriors, the “cause men” or the lost ones. The archtypical Adam is currently struggling with a deep sense of loss, both from losing his place in the world and because Isis has gone into temporary seclusion. However, with her imminent emergence, Isis brings a gift to Adam that will change everything.

The entire structure of the Adam Cadmon template will evolve, moving from the carbon-bound atomic structure of the human to the realized light body. This evolution of Adam Cadmon is precisely why you are here, and the changes between Adam and Isis are now bringing it about.

IMPORTANT NOTE: We highly recommend that you listen to and experience ProGnost 2017 - Bridge to Theos before viewing The Wound of Adam.

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COMMUNITY: There is a special group on Facebook specifically for Wound of Adam attendees. You’ll find the link on the Cloud Class page. 



1. In the Beginning (1:07:10)
Adamus says there are four unique levels to this story of Adam and Isis. He introduces the main characters and talks about their roles throughout history, beginning at the Order of the Arc. As Isis weeps over what seems like her failure, she hands responsibility for all of creation over to Adam, and then goes into a deep, deep sleep. Desperate to find her, Adam takes the deepest dive, and they find themselves embodied in physical reality.

2. Love and Grief (56:05)
Feel yourself now in carbon form, spirit bonded with matter, forgetting your light. Adam and Isis now began to play and explore within their physical reality, getting locked into the cycles of incarnation. And then a most incredible thing occurred: Adam discovered love, something never before known in all creation. He desires to help Isis feel it too, but then she breaks his heart with the words, “Until I love myself, I am not complete.” Adam goes to work, still determined to support Isis in whatever she needs. Adamus end this session with a merabh, “The Hope of Isis.”

3. Adam’s Wound (52:43)
Love was created here on Earth and first experienced by Adam, the masculine energy. Symbolized by the penetrating sword, but now heartbroken by the perceived rejection of Isis, Adam is lost. This manifests in either the Angry Adam with sword raises, or the Lost Adam with his sword fallen and useless, with both expressed in imbalanced ways among humans. Isis is now emerging; will Adam trust her? To assist them, allow yourself to experience the merabh of release.

4. Missing Isis (1:00:26)
The masculine and feminine energies are changing now, all over the Earth. It is not about men vs. women, but about these energies within each being. As you allow these changes within yourself, it will deeply affect mass consciousness. But first, as Isis leaves to discover love within herself, Adam still feels the pain of incredible loss. This is manifested in general as the Warrior men (over 60 years of age), the Cause men (ages 35-60) and the Lost men (ages 18-35).

5. Evolution of Adam Cadmon (35:49)
It’s an incredible story, and as you allow it to unfold within yourself, it changes the entire human template of Adam Cadmon. Reexperience this journey and the reunion in the Adam Cadmon merabh.

Format: Streaming video, audio and online text e-reader

Cost: $125

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Featuring: Adamus Saint-Germain

Recorded at the Crimson Circle Studio, Louisville, Colorado, January 2017

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"Grand! Life-changing! Epic! It’s more than I can express. Adamus, I thank you from the bottom of my heart! Geoff and Linda thank you for this truly profound work! I love you!"

"No words but hugs in gratitude....im flying..."

"The Wound of Adam was beyond anything I have experienced. The last Merabh was so intense and I could feel so much change taking place deep within me. The music was so powerful and matched so well with your words. Breathing into this was so natural. I do not know exactly what to do with myself right now. “Thank you” is such a small set of words to use to express my feelings of gratitude for this experience."

"A deep calmness... as if looking at hills rather than mountains."

"Wow, Thank you! What a gift! I cannot find words. So deep feelings!"

"A most sublime experience."

"!!!! WHAT A GIFT !!!!"

"Oh God, I never though I can cry and laugh at the same time. Is so weird feeling."

"So absolutely beautiful - I can feel the existence of the Arc of Angels in my Body of Consciousness - and it's so exquisite and profound I am All that I am."



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deeply transformational& strongly recommend
. The wound of Adam covers so much more and much deeper than the title suggests. As stated below, once you know this wisdom, you see everything differently and understand why things/people are as they are. Truly transformational and I am grateful for the CC team and the Adamus for producing this course!!
Review by Mari / (Posted on 2/19/2020)
Deeply transformative information; it has changed all my relationships for the better!
Along with Sexual Energy School, this has been the most profound class I have taken with Crimson Circle.
It changed everything in my understanding of my reality, creation and my relationships with all the men in my life, including my own masculine energy, all of which have often been extremely challenging.
I now have a deeply felt compassion for the wise and supportive masculine energy and the dynamic, creative feminine energy and how they have been locked in a beautiful yet tragic dance for eons of time.
I perceive so many things that are currently happening between men and women with a greater understanding of why, and also a realisation that a balance is indeed being sought by these archetypal energies in our time.
It has taken me over a year to absorb the meaning and immense shifting of this amazing course, and to write this review about it. Every day I feel the potent transformative echoes of the information : inside me, in all my lifetimes, in the outer world, and in all my relationships with both men and women.
Thank You Crimson Circle and dear Adamus for bringing this vital material to us!
Review by Liza / (Posted on 1/4/2019)
I totally agree with the last two sentances of Johanatan, it is truly life changing, finally some relief, but needs to be taken together, both.
Review by MARY / (Posted on 3/26/2017)
Quintessential CC Cloud Class!
As Shaumbra, it’s been a long challenging journey on earth…. Lifetimes of returning as both male and female, Adam and Isis, living, loving, battling, dying once more. Trying to remember why we left our Angelic families and figuring out the reason we’re here over millennia. Reconnecting with the Crimson Circle teachings of Tobias and Adamus Saint-Germain have been the greatest gift of remembrance for me these past fourteen years. Finally answering and confirming many feelings and thoughts from lifetimes of searching and seeking...
However like so many of you, as my old human goals and passions fell away, I have felt rather uninspired and bored. Where's the passion? Why AM I here now? Why not just leave? Well with this long awaited channel from Adamus on “The Wound of Adam” the question is answered in spades! The deep “aha” felt. Finally. Like the last number in the tumbler of a safe clicking into place, our reason for being here finally opened with the final dial. The clarity of the answer so simple yet profound that my Soul knows and smiles in relief. “YES as my God Self fist pumps the air. She’s got it!” Now let’s live it! AND enjoy this final lifetime with grace and ease. Thank you Adamus, Geoff, Linda and the CC staff for this beautiful co-creation that is ProGnost 2017 Part B. Another classic cloud class essential for Shaumbra committed to their embodied enlightenment.
Review by Gritty Angel / (Posted on 3/2/2017)
The circle is complete
Through 5 easy sessions, Adamus takes us gently through one of the oldest dynamics in the universe: the dynamics between the Adam, the male, and Isis, the female, archetypical energies. Although the main focus is on the wound of Adam and what lies at the heart of the current disbalance and pain points within the Male expression, Adamus surprised me by lovingly addressing the wound of Isis also. He put both sides of this disbalance into an amazingly clear, holistic and honest context since we all hold both sides within us. Although this made total sense to me, I did not expect the effect of this information to be so deeply moving and transformative. For me it was as if everything suddenly fell into place. This cloud class sheds an incredibly clear and much needed light on the reasons we all are drawn to certain behaviours and patterns and addresses them lovingly and without judgement. I feel I am finally able to understand and to sense into all the reasons why I reacted the way I did in the past and why the collective consciousness still reacts the way it does in the present. After taking this class I feel I finally get the whole picture…not just parts of it. If you take two classes this year and nothing else…take the Wound of Adam together with Pronost 2017. These will truly change your life.
Review by Jonathan / (Posted on 2/23/2017)